Mark’s Survivor Series 2014 Predictions


November 23, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Earlier today Joey gave us her predictions for Survivor Series, which you can read here. As is tradition, I’ll now follow up with mine, which are in no way or form copied (ahem). This PPV seems to have little momentum behind it and considering this is free on the WWE Network and therefore an ideal chance to snag some returning, and new, viewers in the process I’m hoping the lack of hype will deliver.

The news has leaked that Sting, Bad News Barrett and Randy Orton are all scheduled to appear in some capacity, which is very intriguing and hopefully can offer some talking points for the final few weeks of the year.

Fandango has also offered a mystery challenge on the Network pre-show, which could be a number of people and it would be nice to at least give a little bit of PPV exposure to someone new so this may be a great time for the likes of Sami Zayn to swoop in and overcome Fannnnnndannngoooooo. Otherwise, here are my predictions for tonight:

AJ Lee -v- Nikki Bella
Rumours have been circulating that we could see Nikki snatch the Divas championship and is a sign of AJ’s plans to leave the company. As much as Nikki is revelling in the heel role, now is not the time to give her the belt – she isn’t ready and she won’t be for a while yet.

Maybe Brie will help AJ retain, elongating the feud with her sister while taking some heat from AJ in the process allowing, if needed, some time off for her with her man CM Punk.

AJ Lee to retain the Divas Championship


Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the title: The Usos -v- Stardust & Goldust -v- Los Matadores
Stardust and Goldust are a tremendous tag team and Cody has eased himself into his weirdo role with ease, looking energised in the ring, which is rubbing off on Goldy who is also producing some of his finest work in recent years. It is about time they make this title reign stand out and revive an ill-forgotten tag title division.

Goldust and Stardust to win


Divas Elimination Tag Team Match: Emma, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Natalya -v- Paige, Cameron, Layla & Summer Rae
It’s hard to look past Paige in this one. Newcomer Emma has been having some good matches in NXT, and this could well be the time for her to make some waves and make her move into the Divas division, and her opponents make this feat even more plausible.

Don’t expect this to have much TV time, although to see Paige destroy the competition as a lone survivor would be pretty cool.

Paige’s team to win


Dean Ambrose -v- Bray Wyatt
This is has potential to steal the show. Hopefully this match is given sufficient time to develop at a decent pace, these two athletes are perfectly suited and although for the most part have just been plodding along with this feud, which quite frankly could’ve been amazing but hasn’t been due to time constraints, there is still the potential to rise above all this and deliver a solid PPV match.

Ambrose is destined for better things and this is just a stepping stone to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Dean Ambrose to be victorious


Main Event: Elimination Tag Team Match: Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Ryback & Erick Rowan) -v- Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry & Luke Harper)
Team Authority have stacked the odds against Cena for weeks on end, pushing the focus onto the fact that, if super Cena can defeat them, The Authority will disband, which is highly unlikely based solely on the egos involved.

Again, this match could see Cena take on the world as The Authority make quick work of the rest of his team, leaving him to clean up in a 5-1 survivor series and offering nothing new in the process. On the other hand, maybe Reigns or Orton are here to aid/rebuke Cena?

Many questions are up the air with this one and I wouldn’t expect The Authority to be defeated, and nor will they be quiet about it the following night on Raw.

The Authority to win (Rollins and Cena last two survivors)


Catch Survivor Series for FREE tonight on the WWE Network at 7PM ET / 6PM CT

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