WWE Monday Night Raw 19/4/2021

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April 20, 2021 by gorillapressonline

After a poor RAW After Mania – we get a little bit of a better episode this week with solid matches from Riddle/Orton and the main event Asuka Defeating Charlotte Flair. Drew McIntyre kicked off the show with a great promo regarding the events of last week and the attack from ex Retribution members T-Bar and MACE, they come out to assault him again here setting up a handicap match- and subsequent tag match later on the episode both of which end via DQ back to back.

The returning Charlotte Flair delivered another great promo, she is really leaning into her heel role and they culminates with her facing a suspension after losing to the Empress of Tomorrow and attacking a WWE Official; this is good booking to add the heat and keep Flair fresh.

Riddle and Randy Orton have a good chemistry and this is a hard hitting bout, Orton takes some vicious looking chops leaving red whelps on his chest, later in the match Orton lands a superplex in a good spot. Riddle counters Orton’s offence with a Triangle over the ropes taking it to the 5 count and getting the upper hand in the process.

Riddle once again counters the RKO and turns it into a backslide pin and steals the win, These two could have an entertaining feud based on this match.

Adam Pearce and Sheamus cut a backstage promo where he accepts an open challenge but won’t put his US Title on the line. The quality drops again with the women’s tag match, why Baszler can’t have a singles run is beyond me, she’s wasted in this tag title run but I suppose she’s a champion at least. Mandy and Dana interrupt the match to mock Nia Jax and cost them the match.

MIZ TV Follows with Maryse back alongside The Miz, this has got to lead to Miz and Morrison breaking up in the near future. This is basically Miz being the annoying heel he is before Damian Priest has had enough, he gets in a funny quip about that idiot Jake Paul as well, Priest gets swilled with champagne after Maryse challenges Priest on Miz’ behalf.

A rare misstep from Kofi Kingston in a poor bout against Elias; Kofi missing a top rope hurricanrana – or having it countered poorly- just fell flat and Elias got the win.

Alexa brightens things again in another Alexa’s Playhouse segment with Lily getting some more backstory as they have been friends since childhood, using the age old horror trope ” Lily made me do it” to explain her actions of the past. Lily doesn’t like the Fiend or any of the Raw Women’s roster presumably sowing the seeds for the next steps of this persona.

Drew McIntyre has been having a great run over the past year and is better of all this, his interactions with MVP are wonderful and he is one of the best in-ring on the RAW roster, as T-Bar and MACE double up on Mac they get disqualified and Braun interjects and the match continues as a tag match. Drew unmasks MACE and they exchange decent slaps before Drew gets disqualified for whipping him with his mask. Braun unmasks T-Bar next, least they have dropped the mask gimmick and can move on as a tag team proper now.

While these weren’t bad matches per se they just felt marred by the double DQ and ultimately filler.

Damian Priest walks over the Miz in a short bout, Maryse gets involved and Miz has some good offence using his experience over Priest but it’s not enough to get over the Archer of Infamy as Maryse tries to get involved a second time Priest refuses to interact and gets the win. Another rubbish finish with the same spot used twice but at least the wrestling was a little better.

Sheamus issues his open challenge saying he will do it weekly as he’s a fighting champion; Humberto Carrillo answers the challenge but Sheamus jumps him from behind now allowing the match to even get underway. Sheamus just beats him to a pulp, good stuff from the champion.

Another highlight of the show was the main event, RAW Women’s Champion sits on the ramp observing the action, Asuka is a workhorse and week in week out during the pandemic has been a highlight of RAW. Asuka controls the match much to the dismay of Flair, she cranks in a great Armbar transition. the two women exchange punches and Flair gets a near fall with a spear, The Empress of Tomorrow fends off the figure four with kicks.

Rhea Ripley breaks up the figure eight and as the two fight Asuka capitalises and gets the win.

All hell breaks loose as Charlotte Flair throws around the ref and pummels him with foot-stomps and forearms as more as the Queen refuses to stop the beat-down, Keeping Charlotte pure heel is a great move on WWE’s behalf and she is revelling in the role.

  • The Viking Raiders ( Erik & Ivar) Def. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin.
  • Riddle Def. Randy Orton
  • Lana & Naomi Def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
  • Elias (W. Jaxson Ryker) Def. Kofi Kingston (W Xavier Woods)
  • Handicap Match: Drew McIntrye Def. T-Bar & MACE by DQ
  • Tag Team Match: T-Bar & MACE Def. Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman Via DQ
  • Damian Priest Def. The Miz (W Maryse)
  • Asuka Def. Charlotte Flair.

The new commentary team is taking some getting used to, the new addition clearly isn’t a veteran wrestling fan and muddles over his moves but this could improve over time if he lasts that long without Vince giving him the chop, Corey Graves and Byron Saxon are doing a good job correcting his errors without it becoming too distracting but it does deter from the overall product.

RAW has been below par of late and they are overusing replays and “moments ago” segments, but there are glimmers of hope, hopefully come August when fans (hopefully) are in attendance again things can improve, the talent is there on the roster it just needs more investment.

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