NXT Results 13/4/2021

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April 14, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The NXT Tuesday night era is upon us! This is the first show of the new move and the fallout for the excellent Takeover event is on the agenda and boy does this show deliver.

Karrion Kross kicks off the show with the NXT Gold that he reclaimed after relinquishing due to injury. He delivers an great promo deliver with confidence and conviction.

NXT Tag Team Title match MSK Vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

The challengers are off to a flying start taking the fight to the champs, MSK have been outstanding in NXT and can seemingly work with every type of tag team, Dain lands an impactful Cross body on the outside very agile for a man of his size

Once again Dain shows off his strength catching both members of MSK but the champions mange to chop him down, Maverick & Dain look like legitimate challengers here but he innovative high flying offence is too much to cope with and the champs retain.

MSK Def. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Alexander Wolfe distracts MSK after the match allowing Imperium to ruthlessly attack the champs. Making a statement to the NXT Universe.

An exclusive look at the aftermath of the Unsanctioned main event of Takeover Stand and Deliver is up next. The exclusive footage was both men being stretchered backstage as Adam Cole trash talks, this feud is far from over if that is anything to go by.

Jessi Kamea Vs Mercedes Martinez

Martinez makes quick work of Kamea and then sets her sights on Robert Stone. After the match she goes to the announce table and calls out Raquel Gonzalez.

Excellent video package from Swerve Scott hypingvhis match with Leon Ruff for later on in the show, if this is anything like their encounter during the gauntlet match it’s gonna be must see.

Santos Escobar open challenge

The Undisputed Cruiserweight champion is set to defend the title tonight and take on anyone who answers his challenge, Kushida responds and we are underway.

Lightening fast start to this bout, these two have great chemistry and Kushida forces the champ to evade the ring for some respite. Kushida has firm control of this with his submission chain wrestling and Escobar has to bring out a huge drop kick and the barricades to shift the momentum. Escobar deadlifts Kushida and Clobbers him into the steel steps, Santos is proud of his handiwork as he looks on before getting a close two count.

Stiff kicks and chops from both as Kushida swings the pendulum in his favour getting a really close two count but Escobar manages to get his foot on the rope. Kushida manages to slip out of Escobar’s move and after a roll up reversal we have a new champion!

Very good match there and Kushida’s First Cruiserweight championship, this should lead to a match with Pete Dunne.

Kushida Def. Santos Escobar.

Tomasso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher have their eyes set on tag team gold and Ciampa looked ready for a fight.

Jordan Devlin congratulate Kushida and although he’s going to be back on NXT UK he wants a shot when he gets back to NXT.

Raquel Gonzalez addresses the crowd after her NXT Women’s title victory at Takeover, accompanied by Dakota Kai it doesn’t take long before she’s cut short by the debuting Franky Monet (Taya Valkyrie) who is here to formally introduce herself to the NXT Universe. But things are just getting started here as RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley returns home to NXT these two have a storied history and they congratulate each other.

There’s more!! The Smackdown women’s champion Bianca Belair is here as well, this just shows how pivotal NXT is to the WWE. All three women embrace to the roar of an NXT audience.

Keeping with the theme of the night Pete Dunne wants in on the action and has his sights set on Karrion Kross, this show has done well to sow the seeds of several new feuds without them feeling forced.

Roderick Strong hands GM William Regal his contract and has seemingly left NXT.

Leon Ruff vs Swerve Scott

Ruff and Scott have a great chemistry and the energetic pace allows both of them to shine. Leon Ruff lands a great spinning cutter from the top rope, the action is fast and furious in this one, not to settle with just that he hits a top rope springboard hurricanrana. It’s not enough to put down Swerve and he gets the pin in another excellent match.

Isaiah Swerve Scott Def. Leon Ruff

Eight person Mixed tag match

Main event time as The Way set to take on Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed and Shotzi & Ember but before that Ruff ambushes Swerve Scott saying it’s far from over, this is a new side to Leon Ruff.

Lumis no sells his teammates as they are hyped up in the entrance, dude is committed to his gimmick. Austin Theory and Lumis start things off but Theory quickly tags out forcing Indi and Blackheart to got at it. Johnny Gargano gets wiped out by Moon & Blackheart, Dexter Lumis stares down Hartwell and she likes it and goes in for the kiss (!?) Candice stops this from happening, subtle strand to add to the dissolution of The Way.

Reed runs through Theory and Gargano lifting them both onto his shoulders almost effortlessly, chaos ensues and in a particularly cool spot Candice LeRae dives through the ropes and hits a spinning DDT on Lumis.

Not to be outdone Shotzi Blackeart is hoisted and pressed by Bronson Reed and thrown out the ring into Gargano.

Indi Hartwell gets her man as Dexter Lumis carries them both out of the match, she gives the camera at subtle wink in quite a funny bit. Reed gets in the pin on Johnny Gargano in another solid match.

Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis, Shotzi & Ember Moon Def. The Way

The first show of the Tuesday night era delivered top to bottom, every segment felt like it has purpose and feuds evolved and spawned. Well worth checking this weeks episode out.

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