NXT Recap: Episode 261, 28/1/2015


February 3, 2015 by gorillapressonline


The #1 contenders competition continues on this week’s episode of NXT, which will also see tensions rise as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn sign the contract for their match at Takeover, scheduled for broadcast on the WWE Network on Febuary 11th.


NXT Tag Title Match: Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake Vs The Lucha Dragons
buddy murphy
Murphy and Blake have been making waves over the past few weeks, defeating the #1 contenders The Vaudevillains and wasting no time in challenging the Dragons for this match tonight.

The Luchas have been fighting champions, knocking off both The Ascension and The Vaudevillains in their quest to hold the tag titles. Suffice to say, the tag division is thriving in NXT.

Murphy is energetic and enthusiastic from the outset, throwing Sin Cara around like a rag-doll and utilising Orton-style rest holds to take the breath out of him.

Kalisto gets the hot tag and shifts momentum with his aerial move-set.

Blake gets a blind tag to his partner Buddy Murphy and, as Kalisto attempts to wrap up the match with the Salida Del Sol and pins the wrong man, Blake quickly rolls him up and steals the tag team titles in the process.

Blake and Murphy dethrone the NXT Tag Titles from the Lucha Dragons


Rumours have been circulating online that Kalisto will soon be making the move to the main roster, and this idea could be solidified a little more following this turn of events. Blake and Murphy have been given a momentous push of late and this feud seems overly rushed, as The Vaudevillains would’ve been worthy successors to the titles in the grand scheme of things.

Backstage, Bayley and Charlotte Flair are discussing the events of last week and even though they will be tag team partners later in the show, Charlotte warns Bayley not to try anything again or she won’t make it to the Divas title match at Takeover.


NXT #1 Contender’s Tournament 1st Round: Adrian Neville Vs Tyson Kidd
neville kidd

Neville comes to the ring first but, as Tyson Kidd is announced, a scrambled broadcast page coats the screen in what looks like a promo for Solomon Crowe. It appears for just a few seconds, complete with noise distortion.

Kidd is eager to get another shot at the title, and as the two Superstars look across at each other you can actually see the intensity in their eyes.

Neville and Kidd scope each other out for a bit, in some wonderful technical mat wrestling, each counter proving how well they know each other in the ring. Tyson escapes a wonderful sequence of locks and rest holds before taking the time to gloat, trying to get a rise out of Neville who is knelt in the ring, with Tyson circling him. Kidd is really making waves with his Heel persona, his brash cocky natures reflects so well in NXT and he is fast becoming a wrestler to watch out for.

Neville uses his speed and agility to get the upper hand, landing a hurricanrana and following it up with some show-boating of his own, spring-boarding off the ropes and back-flipping instead of launching an attack.

Kidd lurks at ringside, sliding through the ropes back out of the ring to avoid a count out, a wise move as it allows him some time to slow the pace and get the match back on his terms.

Neville’s impatience allows Kidd the opener he was seeking as he throws the former champion into the steel steps to try and force Neville to be counted out. It’s an underhanded, but effective, move on Kidd’s part.

He keeps the momentum in his favour by choking Neville, forcing the referee to intervene, and allowing him to keep control of the match.

Neville fights back, using his agility to dive over the top rope and attacking Kidd, turning the tables once again in this crazy back and forth match. Adrian gets a two count from a standing moonsault, with which Kidd offers a spinning neckbreaker as retaliation.

Neville counters a sharpshooter and lands a kick to the skull of Kidd as he scrambles to the top rope, hitting the Red Arrow for the win and progressing in the tournament.

A hard fought and engaging contest from two respected talents in NXT, with Adrian Neville progressing to the Semi Finals


Divas Tag: Bayley & Charlotte Flair Vs Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch
bayley sasha banks
Tensions between the four Divas last week were at boiling point, and seeing as all four will compete against each other at Takedown, this could be a taster of events to come. The passion for the title is unrivalled, as every single lady is striving for that gold.

Bayley‘s mean streak comes out in this match. This aggressive side to her is refreshing as she is clearly set for bigger things, yet her good nature has for the most part hindered her progress.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks have a rich, competitive history. Their feud is red hot, one of the greatest Divas feuds of recent memory, and Banks impresses in the heel role yet again as Charlotte is poised to move up onto the main roster and hopefully freshen things up a bit.

The friendship between the champion and Bayley has had its ups and downs over the past few weeks and it reaches its breaking point here, as a miscommunication from Bayley as she attempts to save Charlotte from a pin leads to her hitting the champion by mistake – this is the last straw for Flair and she pushes Bayley.

Bayley then wastes no time in retorting, as her mean streak shows again and she stiffly forearms Flair. Chaos ensues, leaving the referee to call this contest a draw.

Tensions rise to boiling point in the Divas division before NXT Takeover


Next week sees a dream match between Hideo Itami and Finn Balor, to determine who will get the first spot in the NXT #1 Contenders Tournament. Devon is backstage talking to Balor, who explains that friendship goes out the window just as Itami interrupts and declares that he brought Balor into NXT and will take him out if it means he will get the title. This has to be one of the most anticipated match-ups in ages, and it’s sure to be a show-stopper too.


NXT #1 Contender’s 1st Round Tournament Match: Baron Corbin Vs Bull Dempsey

Two behemoths that have been laying waste to NXT are vying for the final spot in the tournament’s semi finals – The New York Nightmare Bull Dempsey wants revenge on the Lone Wolf after his defeat following their first encounter.

The giants batter each other from the get-go. This is nothing pretty, just good old fashioned violence, which sees the action spill out to ringside when Dempsey tries to escape for respite.

Corbin wastes no time in unleashing the End of Days on Dempsey and keeping his undefeated streak intact. The Lone Wolf will get a chance to let out his aggression, however, as he faces Adrian Neville next week in the semi finals.

Baron Corbin continues to assert his dominance on NXT taking yet another victory


Contract Signing: Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn
owens zayn
Kevin Owens
made a big impact on his debut to NXT, taking out CJ Parker in a destructive match and then following up that feat by shockingly powerbombing his friend Zayn immediately after his legendary, career-making performance at [R]Evolution.

GM William Regal is set to oversee this contract signing. Zayn is clearly still upset at his friend, especially after demanding a match against Owens last week and being fobbed off.

Owens slowly paces to the ring, his face showing no emotion whatsoever – a typically nonchalant approach to proceedings, and an attempt to goad Zayn into reacting.

The two Superstars stare each other out for a bit, as Regal explains that if there is an altercation he will cancel the match. Zayn wastes no time in signing the contract and once again asks Owens for the reason he assaulted him, ruining a 12 year friendship in an instant.

Owens refuses to sign the contract until it is an NXT heavyweight title match. Regal is reluctant to do so until Zayn re-enforces the sentiment, much to the delight of the NXT Universe, who are super hot tonight.

Owens moves around the table, signing the contract and then throwing the pen into the face of the champion, forcing Regal to hold Zayn back as he refuses to allow him to rise to the mind-games Owens has been playing.


An excellent end to another brilliant show, leaving lots for the fans to discuss. Two exciting, well-booked semi final bouts will decide who will get the #1 contender spot, with Neville having to overcome a man who is carving a path of destruction in his wake, while Baron Corbin and tag team and friends Itami and Balor square off for the first time in NXT history.

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be by now – NXT is unmissable.


NXT is broadcast every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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