WWE News Roundup: Roman Reigns, Vince Mc Mahon, Paige & CM Punk


January 13, 2015 by Joey Keogh

leave roman reigns alone

  • Vince Writing Reigns’ Promos?
    Fans have been quick to point out that poor ol’ Roman Reigns has been sounding a bit rubbish on Raw and Smackdown as of late, in spite of his highly-publicised acting classes. Dave Meltzer has now suggested on Twitter that Vince himself may be the one scripting Reigns’ promos, which goes some way towards explaining why he sounds like the furthest thing from a normal human being imaginable.


  • WWE Considering Brand Split
    Back in the day, you had to choose between Raw and Smackdown depending on which wrestlers were your faves, as the roster was split between the two in order to yield the most revenue. Lately, the two have melded into one. And, in light of a serious dip in ratings, WWE are reportedly considering splitting the two shows again, with a view to encouraging more people to watch Smackdown. It kind of seems like a lost cause to anyone who has even tried watching the lesser show lately, and it spells disaster for moving popular wrestlers, or hindering pushes. Why not just cut Raw down to two hours, make it as tight a show as possible and push NXT as the other must-see weekly programme?


  • Paige Learned Of Title Steal At Last Minute
    In an interview earlier this week, WWE Divas fave Paige discussed her time on everyone’s favourite reality show, along with her incredible, title-stealing moment in the limelight, which also just happened to be her very first appearance on the main roster and marked her out as one to watch. Paige revealed she had no idea she’d even be wrestling that night, let alone that she was set to win the belt, until just before the show went live, which makes her still-adorable reaction even sweeter.


  • Punk Writing More Comic Books
    According to IGN, Punk is now officially a DC comics writer, as he is reportedly penning something for the Startling Sports Stories #1 (from Vertigo) alongside several other, high-profile writers, including Paul Pope and Gilbert Hernandez. The ex-Superstar is going to be a busy man this year, having already signed up to contribute something for Marvel and, of course, signing with UFC late last year.

3 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Roman Reigns, Vince Mc Mahon, Paige & CM Punk

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