WMAD Mil Mascaras vs Samurai Del Sol


August 8, 2013 by gorillapressonline

Mil Mascaras vs Samurai Del Sol, not sure where this match took place, judging by the crowd it’s somewhere in Britain and I’d love any more info or a better quality video if its available.

Please leave any information in the comments section as I’d love to hear more from my readers.

3 thoughts on “WMAD Mil Mascaras vs Samurai Del Sol

  1. paul C says:

    Hi, I was at this match, it was in Cataret,NJ at the Rahway Rec Center as part of pro Wrestling Syndicate’s 5th anniversary show. It was on an iPPV type thing so there should be a video of the event. By the way Mil did win. I’ve followed Mil for years so if you have any other questions maybe I can help you .

  2. paul C says:

    I don’t recall all the specific matchups but I know you can find the results online quite easily. There was an ECW type hardcore match with Tommy Dreamer that went up and down the aisles of the gym that everybody went crazy for. For me seeing Mil was the highlight but I think the crowd really went for the Great Muta in an excellent tag match. I believe Big van Vader and KoKo B. Ware were also on the card. Before the matches most of the wrestlers were part of an autograph signing, so it was a really cool night. On a side note if you end up seeing someone in the crowd of Mil’s match near center ring wearing his leopard style mask that would be me.

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