Wyat Brown Presents: Fantasy Bookings


May 1, 2013 by officialwyat

Welcome to my first installment of the Fantasy Booking series, this issue, it is that “Rockstar” group known as 3MB!


The “Rock Star” group that is floundering in the crap tank that is the WWE Universe as of late is 3 Man Band [3MB]. A group of mid-card jobbers that united in the name of Rock N’ Roll with a background that obviously says: “They’re rockers”. Led by NXT and Nexus cast-off Heath Slater, 3MB is backed up by Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal; if that line-up alone doesn’t make you start questioning how legit a band like AC/DC is, I don’t know what will.

Aside from the obvious mismatching of talents in this faction, there could be one simple angle that can be done to make this gimmick not seem like a tremendous waste of time, if the powers that be truly wanted to, that is.

Heath Slater boasts himself as the rockstar of WWE, which everybody knows is false, but hey, let the kid do his thing. With Chris Jericho coming in and out of WWE in-between his Fozzy tours and various other projects, there is a built-in storyline waiting to be drawn out. Since the company hasn’t, I will indulge you in a scenario.

Since Summer Slam is coming up in a couple months, it would be ideal for them to get things rolling in the coming weeks. Chris is about to come off of a Fozzy tour here in a few weeks, and upon his arrival to RAW he would boast his recent tour and success of Fozzy. During this promo is when 3MB would come out and Heath would run him down on the mic and the boys would ensue in jumping him. Chris would obviously get the better of the exchange, leading to Heath to make a challenge for later on. During the match the others would get involved and lead to a DQ. Over the course of the next few weeks, Jericho would face off against the individual members and each time, get jumped after a DQ. This would lead to an “Encore” match at Summer Slam being issued by Jericho to all 3 members.

Now, the reveal of his partners could be done two ways. One would be to have them jump him again and they come down for the save. Or he could bring them out during a promo and challenge a match for Smackdown to warm up before they face off at Summer Slam.

Who might you ask am I referring to as his partners? Well that is simple, Heath and his “Band” can call themselves the real rock n rollers of WWE, but in the hearts of all the true fans, the three rockers from the golden years of WWE will always be Jericho, and the triumphant return of….. The Headbangers! Mosh and Thrasher were banging heads and stomping around the ring long before 3MB or Ryback were even out of high school. After an unsuccessful split and years of hiatus, The Headbangers have recently reunited and have been tearing up the indy circuit ever since. They are even the current reigning and defending Tag Team Champions of The Universe. Both men are in great shape and are wrestling as great as they ever have, and not only would they be right for the story, they could stick around and tremendously help their dying tag division.

3MB vs. Y2J/Headbangers could be a highlight of the show, as Jericho can have a good match with ANYbody, and The Headbangers have years of chemistry and that is what really lacks in today’s product, is that old school chemistry. 3MB have primarily been jobbers, but going over these three veterans could propel them into a push, or it could be written as their final battle as a team. Either way, this is a match that would not only be great for the product or the ratings, but for the fans. Will The Headbangers return? Will this storyline play out? Only time will tell, but that will not stop the fans from wanting it to happen or dreaming up their own Fantasy Bookings.




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