Dream Matches outside of WWE for Daniel Bryan

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May 10, 2021 by gorillapressonline

With the news that the 30th April match against Roman Reigns- which was a belter- was potentially his last match in WWE there are so many potential matches for him across the globe; If he has resigned and is going to move to RAW, or preferably NXT there are tonnes of great matches there for him also, but more on that later.

the following matches are what I would personally love to see and they come from all around the globe and are all feasible if Daniel Bryan decides that touring the indies is where his next move should be.

Jonathan Gresham- Ring of Honor

Bryan himself has spoken about wanting to face the octopus in the ring and this would be top of my lost if he heads on a US circuit tour, These two could put on a technical master-class and the added addition of Pure rules make this an even more enticing bout.

Rocky Romero

Another ROH/NJPW crossover match, much like the Gresham bout this could be a great in ring story, let them go at the pace they want to set and tell a solid story

Shingo Takagi – NJPW

If NJPW is where he decides to spread his roots there are a number of great matches, Okada would be top of everyone’s lists but 2021 has had no one better than Shingo Takagi, this would be a spirited bout filled with strong style action and impactful and exciting spots, Give them 30-45 and let them go at it. This could easily slot into the G1 card at any point and lead or be led by the following pick.

Zack Sabre Jr- NJPW

these two have faced off before in Germany and ZSJ was the victor but much like Gresham this would be incredible, ZSJ tying Daniel Bryan in knots and submission reversals and mat work is just mouth watering to event think about, Bryan would easily cope with the ZSJ style and this would be a MOTY contender for sure.

Minoru Suzuki – NJPW

Another bout with a rich history, Suzuki and Bryan spent a lot of time working together in 2004 when he was under the “American Dragon” moniker. Both as an partner and an Opponent, Summer Struggle 2004 went the way of Suzuki but I’m certain this would be a hard hitting slugfest and right in both wrestlers wheelhouse.

Lio Rush – MLW/Indies

Since leaving the WWE system Lio Rush has went on leaps and bounds showcasing his talent all across the indies in America, He’s been having excellent matches in GCW & MLW in high octane and innovative bouts, this would up the pace of Bryan and watching him just let loose and have fun would be a delight.


There are numerous bouts for Daniel Bryan to have in AEW and if they work him on a light schedule much like Sting or Christian he would benefit from matches with MJF, Darby Allan, Kenny Omega and so many more talented wrestlers.

This would also be a great move financially and theoretically would still allow many of the aforementioned matches to still be able to take place in some capacity.


If he were to stay in the WWE system point him towards NXT and let him have at it, Top of the list? Kyle O’Reilly.

Bryan and O’Reilly would be intense, with a crowd hanging on every moment this would be a perfect main event for any Takeover event, even the build-up writes itself.

Adam Cole: Much like O’Reilly this would be an exciting program to watch develop over a few months culminating in a no holds barred or even a cage match.

Dozens of other options also present themselves, Finn Balor, Bronson Reed, Isaiah Scott we could be here all day listing all the guys that could get great matches out of Bryan and vice Versa.

Who have I missed off the list? what are your dream matches? drop a comment below.

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