NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night 2 Predictions 4/5/2021

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May 2, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The Dontaku circuit all ends with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on the line. You can find my Night One Predictions here.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Ospreay (c) Vs. Shingo Takagi.

This could be one of the ages, Shingo has impressed since his NJPW Cup run and ultimate defeat. He is well deserved of this title opportunity and will have the championship at some point in the future, Sadly I think that Will Ospreay and the United Empire are still in very early days of this run and could see him holding the title for a little while longer and notching up some defences in the process.

That being said this will be a highlight of the two night event and all eyes will be on this one and could see this being a hard hitting affair going close t0 the time limit

Will Ospreay to retain.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: El Desperado (c) vs Yoh.

Another spirited rivalry with no love lost between the two competitors here, These two are no strangers to each other but this is the first singles match they will have had in a long time, El Desperado feels Yoh doesn’t have enough fighting spirit to take this title, I feel that El Desperado could be underestimating Yoh here and in for a surprise as the Roppongi 3K member takes it to the champ.

While it won’t be an easy ride for the champ retaining the title is the only option in can see here but will it add to the hatred of Yoh or will he gain some respect for the challenger afterwards.

El Desperado to win.

The Rest of the card is littered with tag team action and a lot of the results for these would depend on the fallout of the first night I think, that being said I See Okada & Sho getting a win over Suzuki-Gun and The United Empire besting LIJ.

Tanahashi and Jay White once again face off in a ten man tag bout after their headlining match in night one so that could be an interesting encounter depending which way the main event swings.

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