WWE Smackdown Results Recap 30/4/2021

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May 1, 2021 by gorillapressonline

Roman Reigns issued a challenge to Daniel Bryan, if Bryan can’t beat him tonight he has to leave Smackdown, The head of the table was assured he would win so he’s put the Universal title on the line.

The show kicks off with the Smackdown women’s champion, Bianca Belair, a nice VT intro plays as she enters the ring. It doesn’t take long for Belair to be interrupted as the Dirty Dawgs come out to the ring only for the Street Profits to join the fray and finally Bayley.

A mixed six person tag was scheduled but chaos ensues as Bayley takes it to the champ. The match starts proper during the ad break, Montez Ford takes out Ziggler and Roode with a top rope dive. Bianca Belair deadlifts Dolph Ziggler in an impressive spot. Ford wins the match with a frog splash concluding a fun opener.

Daniel Bryan says if he wins the title tonight his first challenger will be Cesaro , Rollins has a great video promo where he once again calls out Cesaro for next week and predicts Bryan will actually win tonight.

Nattie and Tamina attack Shayna and Nia for about the millionth time before yet another match. The highlight of this feud is Shayna and Nattie they have a really good chemistry and could easily have a great singles program.

Tamina gets the win with a Snuka splash pinning Baszler. Surely this is going to lead to them getting the women’s championship soon and the Nia/Shayna split.

Another excellent vignette from Aleister Black, WWE are great at these little productions and looking forward to seeing in what capacity he returns.

Big E gets one more shot to get the IC Title back from Apollo Crews, these two have been having some wonderful matches and this is no different, starting with some really nice chain wrestling and smooth as hell hip tosses from Big E its a pretty even affair. Big E lands a belly to belly Suplex and gets a near fall. Crews returns the favour with a big boot.

When it looks like Big E was going to win the title Commander Azeez pulls hit out the ring, Kevin Owens comes to the aid of Big E and evens the odds a little, Sami Zayn comes out to ambush KO and eats an Nigerian Nail from Azeez.

Aside from the interference finish the match and concluding aftermath was really good, could easily set up a tag match or a more enticing fatal four way at Wrestlemania Backlash.

Paul Heyman with the final push for the main event. If there’s anyone you need to hype up a match its Heyman and he once again delivers. He makes Bryan sound like an legitimate threat whilst also keeping the heat on Reigns. These video packages and promos have built the excitement around this main event and could be a good tool for future shows.

Daniel Bryan wastes no time taking it to the champ, the ferocity from Bryan furthers this story immensely, textbook wrestling storytelling in a spirited start to the match. Roman turns Bryan out with a brutal clothesline allowing the momentum to shift in favour of the head of the table.

Reigns gets a near fall with a second rope Power-bomb, the frustration is mounting in Reigns as he pummels Bryan with knees in the corner. Bryan rallies a comeback with a back Suplex from the ropes but it isn’t enough to keep the champion down. Daniel Bryan counters the superman punch with a high kick to the chest and proceeds to take it to Reigns.

Bryan stomps on Reigns and applies the Yes lock when Reigns escapes he lands a spear but Bryan refuses to give up and kicks out at 2. Excellent back and forth action. Bryan reverses a guillotine into another Yes Lock as Reigns struggles to get to the ropes, Bryan rolls him into the centre of the ring. A ground and pound from Reigns is the only reprieve from the submission as he beats Bryan senseless. Roman Reigns locks in a guillotine again switching to his other arm and Bryan has no option but to tap.

Roman Reigns isn’t finished though and grabs chairs to take out Daniel Bryan for good, Cesaro rushes in for the save after a brief fight Jey Uso enters the fracas to turn the tables, the show ends with Reigns hitting a Con-chair-to to Bryan as Ceasro is tied up in the ropes.

Excellent finish to the show and one of the best Smackdown matches in recent memory.

  • Bianca Belair & the Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) Def. Bayley & Dirty Dawgs ( Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode)
  • Nattie & Tamina Def. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax
  • Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E Def. Apollo Crews (c) (w/ Commander Azeez) Via DQ
  • WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns Def. Daniel Bryan

Next week Smackdown is a special Retro episode and we already have Cesaro Vs. Seth Rollins to look forward to.

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