Impact Results 29/4/2021

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April 30, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The move to Thursdays for Impact has been a positive one, they present another good show here tonight. Scott D’Amore announces that their will be a Six Way match at Under Siege to determine the #1 contender. Unless Kenny Omega doesn’t show on Impact then it’ll be for the title itself.

Impact have done an excellent job booking the Kenny Omega title win/build up and it continues here tonight with Don Callis having to chase up the champs whereabouts throughout the night.

The first three competitors are Chris Bey, Matt Cardona & Sami Calihan; the former beat Jake Something in the opener in a great match. Cardona beat his friend/rival Brian Myers later in the card.

The Debut of W. Morrisey (FKA Big Cass)at Rebellion was a nice surprise and he makes short work of Sam Beale; if Impact keep pushing him as a monster and with Violent By Design as a holster he could be a great asset to the company.

Great to see Taylor Wilde back in Impact after 10 years and she looks great in the ring and she is gunning for the knockouts championship.

Josh Alexander and Ace Austin put on another great match and the 10+ minute time flies by. Alexander really impresses me hopefully his title reign will be a lengthy one as it looks like he wants to be a fighting champion and that’ll make the X-Division must see. With the announcement that El Phantasmo will be coming to Impact from NJPW that bout shoots right to the top of my list for his next challenger.

There is no love lost between Edwards and Callihan and this unravels into chaos, after beating each other senseless Kenny Omega finally arrives and sets his sights on Sami Callihan and as FinJuice come to the rescue the Good Brothers back up the champ leaving the Impact Champion and his cronies standing victorious to close out the show.

  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Chris Bey Def. Jake Something
  • W Morrisey Def. Sam Beale
  • Taylor Wilde Def. Kimber Lee (w/Susan)
  • Impact X-Division Title Match: Josh Alexander(c) Def. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton
  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Matt Cardona Def. Brian Myers
  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Sami Callihan Def Eddie Edwards Via DQ

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