Impact Rebellion 2021 Predictions

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April 25, 2021 by gorillapressonline

All eyes will be on Impact wrestling tonight as history is made, AEW Champion Kenny Omega faces off with Impact Heavyweight Champion Rich Swann in what could be a match of the year contender. Not only that but there’s a stacked undercard to go with it, the build up for this PPV has been some of Impacts best work so onto the predictions before the big night!

Imapct Women’s Tag Title Match: Fire N Flava Vs Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering- Fire N Flava to retain.

This could be an interesting bout with Jazz declining the title shot and staying retired she vowed to find a partner for Grace, last weeks impact seen Ellering come to her aid and announce that she would team with her in rebellion, it will be interesting to see how they work as a team but I don’t think it’ll work out and their dissolution could even see the two feud with each other in the future depending how they function as a unit.

Violent By Design Vs Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin & James Storm- Eddie Edwards,, Chris Sabin & Storm to win.

Going into this bout as has been all out war sadly it came to light earlier in the week that Eric Young had torn his ACL and will probably be out of this match, Violent By Design will take the fight to Eddie’s team but the babyfaces should prevail here.

Brian Myers Vs Matt Cardona- Brian Myers to win.

This has been ticking over for a few months now and has been an entertaining Friend Vs Friend feud, Myers suits being a heel and I can see him throwing aside his friendship to get the victory and prove he is a worth competitor in Impact wrestling.

Last Man Standing Match: Sami Callihan Vs Trey MiguelSami Callihan to win.

This is another match with a great story on its build up even though it took its time to find the footing and its always good to see Sami Callihan given some weapons and let loose, this could be an exciting, bloody affair. Trey Miguel is an outstanding talent in Impact and since the Rascalz departure for NXT he has returned with a new focus and will only move up the rankings in Impact.

That being said Sami Callihan is the one to watch here as he will refuse to stay down and take everything Miguel has to offer, ultimately this won’t be enough to put the Death Machine down but he will gain his respect in the outcome.

Impact Knockouts Title Match: Deonna Purrazzo Vs Tenille Dashwood – Deonna Purrazzo to retain.

both of these women have been brilliant the past few months on Impact, Dashwood impressed in the win at Hardcore Justice, Purrazzo is one of the best women’s wrestlers out there today, can’t see past Deonna retaining the Knockouts belt and holding it for quite some time.

Impact X Division Title Triple Threat- TJP Vs. Ace Austin (c) Vs Josh Alexander- Ace Austin To Retain.

TJP and Josh Alexander had an incredible match on Impact and with the added intrigue of the champ this could be a great match, expect fast paced action, high spots and keep your eye on Josh Alexander in this one. I think this will lead to an Ace Austin/Alexander singles bout at the next PPV but think Austin will continue his excellent X-Division run for a little longer.

Impact Tag Team Titles Match; FinJuice (c) Vs The Good Brothers- The Good Brothers.

FinJuice are set to return from NJPW to defend the titles here and this could be another great bout, with Gallows and Anderson reclaiming the gold in what would be an All-elite night imagine the celebrations on BTE and Dynamite next week as all three have the gold and sit atop Impact. there are plenty of challengers for The Good Brothers moving forward and if they have a decent run with the belts could make for interesting cross promotion matches also.

Title Vs Title; Kenny Omega Vs Rich Swann- Kenny Omega to win both championships

All eyes will be on this one and after the showing we got from them at Hard To Kill, I would be surprised if we aren’t talking about this one for a while, Impact have put in so much effort building this on their side the payoff is going to be worth the wait, we have been promised that there will be a clear victor in this and hopefully its not marred by interferences. Swann is a brilliant talent and will be a valuable asset for Impact in the futre.

Kenny Omega is next level and I think he will add a third title to his already impressive collection. Really looking forward to this and how it is handled, Maruo Ranallo will be bringing his talents on commentary to the bout to add that little extra flair to the main event.

This result would also allow for more Omega in Impact and more eyes on the product as he defends both titles across both brands but it also furthers Swann with a new feud against the returning Moose who will be undoubtedly angry at the prospect of Rich Swann dropping the title To an “Outsider”

Rebellion is live from FiteTV but you can also purchase it on Playstation Store which is how ill be watching.

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