Impact Wrestling 15/4/2021 results

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April 16, 2021 by gorillapressonline

After an emotional match at Hardcore Justice Jazz lost against Deonna Purrazzo with her career on the line Impact have an retirement celebration for her on tonight’s episode, Rich Swann and AEW Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega have a press conference leading into their title Vs title match at Rebellion alongside some in ring action.

Another solid episode of Impact with TJP and Alexander starting things on a high, a Great Sami Callihan promo and more build up for Rebellion.

TJP Vs Josh Alexander.

These two have a great chemistry and have been showcasing their talents on Impact the past few months, this is a fast paced and fluid matchup with some traditional mat wrestling reversals and the requisite X-Division spots. Josh Alexander catches TJP in a Gory special torqueing the body of TJP in a great spot in the early stages.

TJP gets an triangle variation on Alexander on the outside, he breaks the count to keep the match alive, TJP hits a Super-plex and Alexander counters the aftermath into an ankle lock in a great transition.

Blink and you’ll miss it sequence of submission reversals and Josh Alexander comes out on top of this exchange but quickly gets trapped in a Knee Bar. excellent stuff.

Josh Alexander hits the Divine Intervention after TJP once again evades the ankle lock to get the three count in a hard fought match and a great start to this weeks impact.

Josh Alexander Def. TJP.

Crazzy Steve (w/Decay) Vs Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows)

After that excellent opener we get this throwaway bout with The Machine Gun going over after Doc Gallows gets involved, Karl Anderson has the bout in his pocket for most of the match just laying it into Crazzy Steve. When it looks like Steve is going to get the upper hand the Good Brothers use their usual tactics to sway the action.

Karl Anderson lands a huge Spinebuster to get the win.

Ace Austin visits Swinger’s palace in a VT discussing the odds on his rebellion match, TJP interrupts and the house proclaims he’s the odds on favourite. Petey Williams interjects dressed as Scott Steiner to parody the infamous math promo in a funny bit.

Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack call out Violent by Design next after the events of Hardcore Justice they just want a fight not a match, Eric Young claims he wasn’t to blame for the attack but they run into the ring for a fight regardless, James Storm and Chris Sabin rush to the ring to even out the odds and sow the seeds of this feud further as the faces clean house and then sets up a match at Rebellion o the 25th April.

Another non wrestling segment follows with Scott D’Amore warns Deonna and Susan not to interfere in the retirement celebration later in the evening.

Jazz Retirement Celebration.

Jorydanne Grace and Jazz take to the ring for the retirement speech, Jazz delivers a heartfelt promo about coming to Impact and her passion for her run and her accomplishments in wrestling. It wouldn’t be a wrestling retirement angle without someone coming out to ruin the party and this is exactly what we get here; Fire N’ Flava come down to disrespect Jazz and Grace is having none of it and invites them into the ring after some fun trash talk from the duo.

An impromptu match gets underway as Grace is pissed off taking it to Tasha in the corner landing some vicious looking double knees, Kiera Hogan breaks up a near fall and Jazz enters the ring, ploughing Tasha with some big rights and gets the pin with a Michinoku Driver going out of Impact on a win. She takes the mic and announces her retirement and thanks the fans, The Impact locker room and Tommy Dreamer come out to embrace her as the crowd give her a great send off chanting ” Thank you Jazz”.

Scott D’Amore is furious with Fire N’ Flava and he sets up a title match but Jazz says she is done with wrestling and has the perfect tag partner for Grace and we will undoubtedly find out who her partner is for Rebellion in the upcoming Impact.

Pick Your Poison match:

Brian Myers Vs Jake Something.

Matt Cardona picks Jake Something as Myers’ opponent for tonight and Something has the upper hand over Myers in the early stages as Cardona watches from the ramp. Jake Something hits a running shoulder tackle forcing Myers to slide out the ring for a breather.

Brian Myers goads Something to hit the Roster cut clothesline to get the win in a brief match, Myers announces that Cardona’s opponent is Sami Callihan; the lights cut and Callihan attacks Matt Cardona. There’s no love lost here and the two have some excellent brawling exchanges and its good seeing a more aggressive Cardona, he goes toe to toe with the death machine. Sami Callihan is killing it here in Impact and it feels like Matt Cardona is settling into his role here and AEW nicely.

Cardona hits a big top rope dropkick and Radio Silence to get a near fall but its not enough to put down Callihan, As Sami refuses to give up you can see the frustration on Cardona’s face and his next Radio Silence gets countered.

Callihan gets the win in the better of the two pick your poison matches.

Sami takes to the microphone after the bout and mocks Cardona with his old gimmick “Woo, Woo, Woo” to once again calls out Trey Miguel, Sami says he is proud of him and his showing at Hardcore Justice saying Miguel belongs in the main event. Callihan and Miguel have a great exchange and both excel in the promo with Callihan it was he who attacked Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice.

Trey Miguel refuses to shake hands and chaos ensues, Sami throws a chair into the ring and slams him onto an open chair which looks really painful and Miguel sells this well, he refuses to stay down and Callihan stands at the ramp looking impressed at that fact.

Rich Swann Vs Kenny Omega Press Conference

Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn are representatives of the AEW side here, with Scott D’Amore & Rich Swann on the impact.

Great format for this with members of the press in recorded videos and Josh Matthews reading the others hyping up the match, the take away from this is that the winner of this match will defend titles on both shows, Kenny Omega and Don Callis are late to the party and Callis takes over.

The two teams guarantee that there will be a finish and a champion at the conclusion of the match.

Callis takes offence to a question from the Daily Telegraph about playing sides and he says he advocates Rich Swann and has nurtured him but Kenny is family and he claims responsibility for a number of great Omega moments.

Omega cuts a ruthless promo on Swann claiming he doesn’t deserve to be in this historic moment and his methodical and slow approach to this even mocking Swann’s attire all hits the mark, Omega claims he was put on earth to make a change in the world and Swann although he deserves credit he isn’t in the same level.

After the total disrespect the typical end of press conference/Contract signing fight breaks out and the two have to be separated, this match should be a barn burner at Rebellion but there’s no way I foresee Omega dropping the AEW gold.

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