Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Predictions

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April 8, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The Second night of Wrestlemania 37 is an absolutely stacked card and a perfect way to close what is going to be a busy week of wrestling!

United States Championship Riddle Vs Sheamus:

Sheamus has been doing some excellent ring work these past few months including an excellent feud with Drew McIntyre. Although Sheamus and Riddle have had little interaction apart from some backstage attacks and promos this could be a nice little opener for the second nght.

While it would be great for Sheamus to take the US Title Riddle is still early in his run as champion and the amount of promo work he is getting on RAW suggests he will retain here

Riddle to retain.

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn:

The conspiracy against Sami Zayn is reaching boiling point here and despite his friend Owens, trying to reassure the paranoid Zayn that there is in fact no conspiracy against him it has fell on deaf ears.

Kevin Owens retorted to hitting his long-time friend with a Stunner and setting up this exciting bout, not even the addition of Logan Paul can dampen my excitement for this match.

Its hard to call a winner in this if Kevin Owens wins it will stoke the conspiracy flames and allow this superb angle to continue but part of me also wants too see Sami Zayn get a rightfully deserved victory on the Wrestlemania Stage.

That being said I think Sami Zayn is too deep in this web to concentrate on the goal and Kevin Owens will capitalise on this barn burner of a match.

Kevin Owens to win.

The Fiend w/ Alexa Bliss Vs Randy Orton:

What could possibly be the conclusion of this year long feud between the Viper and The Fiend, featuring supernatural shenanigans, burning The Fiend alive and the subsequent return of the presumed burnt alive monster this has been fun to watch unravel.

A lot of this feud has benefited from there being no crowd, it allowed the WWE to try some new things and really lean into the supernatural powers of the excellent Bliss and Fiend combo.

It’ll be interesting if this will be more of a straight wrestling bout in front of the crowd or if WWE will have planned some kind of stunt to wow the crowd.

Needless to say this has been great storytelling and hopefully we get the pay-off that we deserve this will also break up what is otherwise a more wrestling lead card for this night.

The match placement on the card could be telling on which format they are going to lean into.

The Fiend to win.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Rhea Ripley Vs Asuka:

Rhea Ripley burst onto the RAW roster and instantly set a name for herself in challenging the Empress for the RAW Women’s championship.

Asuka has been overshadowed a little by Charlotte Flair and there’s no better way to show off her wrestling ability than against the nightmare Rhea Ripley.

This booking could push Ripley to the moon and have her bring the fight to the champion and win the Raw Women’s championship could set the stage for a good year’s worth of storytelling and make an overnight sensation.

Rhea Ripley to win.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Nigerian Drum Match: Apollo Crews Vs Big E :

I have no idea what an Nigerian Drum match is, hopefully this is will be cleared up on the final Smackdown on Friday.

Since his move to Smackdown Big E has been incredible he has already defeated Apollo 6 times on the show and I can’t see beyond him having a 7th win here, its cleat that WWE think highly of Big E and rightfully so, much like Cesaro he is finally been able to move into a newish role and showcase his talent. There are a number of exciting prospects for title defences on the blue brand so I can see this as a stepping stone in his title reign.

Big E to win.

WWE Universal Championship Triple Threat: Roman Reigns Vs Edge Vs Daniel Bryan:

After winning the Royal Rumble in the feel good moment of the event, Edge was thrust into alll three brands while he decided what title to challenge for. The prospect of him facing Finn Balor got fans salivating but in the grand scheme of things he chose the Tribal Chief as his primary target.

Daniel Bryan didn’t take kindly to that and after being robbed of his title shot at Elimination Chamber he got himself added into this match. Which didn’t go over well with either Roman or Edge.

Bryan proved himself through a number of hurdles and setbacks on the road to Wrestlemania to legitimize his claim to be in the match.

WWE were smart to pair the heel champion with the wonderful Paul Heyman and Roman as been doing some of the best work of his career alongside cousin/lackey Jey Uso.

While Winning the Universal Title would be the icing on cake for the recently returned Rated R Superstar, ultimately I can see Roman Reigns pinning Daniel Bryan and costing Edge his title shot and setting up a potential feud with Bryan to close out his excellent return to the ring.

If Roman was to drop the title it would be via similar circumstances I don’t feel WWE would let him take the pin as to keep the heat on him.

This could be an hard hitting match judging by the build up these past few weeks and is a perfect way to close what is looking to be a tremendous week of wrestling.

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