Lucha Underground Recap: Season 2, Episode 6

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March 7, 2016 by gorillapressonline


As the second series of the excellent Lucha Underground gets into full swing, there has been a change in the paradigm of the Temple. Mil Muertes is now in residency, leaving the former owner Dario Cuerto in exile.

As Muertes watches from atop the temple, on a throne of skulls (which is pretty bad ass, to be fair), Cuerto is recruiting luchadors in an underground fighting complex in an undisclosed location.

Details thus far are sparse, at best, but the excellent VT package is hinting at some kind of establishment takeover angle, which will climax at this series’ conclusion.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode kicks off with another of these super-sleek VTs, and it’s immediately noticeable this season that the productions values – which were already high – have been ramped up even higher, a reflection of the popularity and, more importantly, the faith El Rey has in this series.

Another important thing to note is that Mil Muertes is missing from the Temple – will he have a say in the Gift of the Gods ladder match later on in the show? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sexy Star Vs Kobra Moon
The newest addition to the roster, Kobra Moon, was impressive in her début a few episodes ago; her serpentine movements and elegant ring work made her stand out but she has one hell of a test against Sexy Star in this opening match.

The subtleties of her movements add to the classic lucha style perfectly and, coupled with fluid strikes and chain wrestling, her in-ring work really impresses. Kobra Moon sticks close to Sexy Star, closing down her offence, and showcasing that unique style.

Sexy Star tries to shift momentum and capitalise with a modified Mexican surfboard but, once again, Kobra Moon slithers out of it and reverses it into a Dragon Sleeper which looks completely effortless. Sexy Star is forced to tap out.

Kobra Moon wins via submission

Brilliant way to open the show, and yet another indicator that women’s wrestling is something to take seriously in 2016.

A wonderful commercial airs for PWG wrestler Famous B next, playing out like a 90s infomercial selling his fighting prowess.

Suddenly, as the television is turned off, it turns into in a nice segue to intro none other than Rey Mysterio!

Pentagon Jr Vs Prince Puma
Pentagon Jr is owning this run in Lucha Underground. Stuck in the mid-card at AAA, he is captivating audiences in the Temple and they are firmly behind him when that raucous “Cero Miedo” chant echoes in the arena.

The former Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma almost broke Pentagon Jr’s arm in their last encounter, deciding to show mercy at the very last second, which is sure to create some heat for this bout.

Indeed, the match starts the rivalry anew with a frantic pace from the get-go. These two gel really well in the ring and the more traditional lucha style flows nicely between them, also.

Puma quickly dives over the top rope with a tope, hitting Pentagon Jr with a knee to the head before teasing the crowd with Pentagon’s own Cero Miedo gesture.

Mil Muertes descends the Temple steps as the match continues, nursing his broken arm – from the hand of Pentagon Jr, no less – before stripping the sling down and slowly edging closer to the apron.

maxresdefault (2)

Muertes enters the ring and proceeds to decimate both competitors, laying waste to the two luchadors and hitting a double Flatliner for added emphasis.

Mil Muertes interrupts the match and ends it himself

Fenix Vs King Cuerno: Gift of the Gods Ladder Match
Fenix and King Cuerno tore the house down in a Last Man Standing match last time they came to blows, and they are set to steal the show once again as the Gift Of The Gods title is up for grabs in a ladder match, to close the show.

Matt Striker announces that, in three weeks time, once again the Temple will have Aztec Warfare to determine the next #1 contender.

Ladders are strewn around the ring as the two luchadors circle each other in trepidation. Fenix bounces of the ropes, taking the advantage with a springboard and quickly following that up with a corkscrew dive over the top rope.

A brutally loud kick to the head of King Cuerno echoes and leaves him incapacitated on the outside as Fenix quickly tries to get the title down. King Cuerno manages to stop the loss and slams Fenix onto the ladder with a sickening thud.

King Cuerno sets up some ladders in a precariously deadly formation with Fenix barely managing to escape, and the much larger Cuerno manhandling Fenix as the match progresses. King Cuerno Irish whips Fenix onto a mass of chairs as both men throw their all into this title bout.

The two competitors scuttle to the top of a ladder, as The Hunter attempts to Suplex the smaller luchador from atop the ladder. Luckily, Fenix scrambles onto the prefab office and subsequently dives onto Cuerno in a crazy spot.

The fight spills into the divided crowd edging closer to a guard rail hovering above the ringside. King Cuerno smells blood and launches Fenix over the railing before setting his sights on Fenix with a ladder. Once again Fenix evades by the skin of his teeth, the tension rising in the Temple as the crowd gets louder with each moment that passes.

As King Cuerno takes to the ring to claim the titles, Fenix dropkicks him from the top rope to the ladder in yet another awesome spot.

Both men yet again climb the ladder and dangle from the hanging frame that holds the title. Kicks and strikes are exchanged, forcing both men to drop again in another close call. Cuerno is looking to put an end to the match, bringing out a table to stop the relentless Fenix.

King Cuerno sets up the Thrill Of The Hunt from the second rope, forcing Fenix once again to struggle out of the manoeuvre and reverse it, slamming King Cuerno through the table and reaching the titles to nab The Gift Of The Gods.

Lucha Underground pulls out all the stops in the action week to week, and this Main Event is edge-of-your-seat good, with the finish hard to call right up until its final moments.

That, along with everything else they’re stuffing into their paltry one-hour episodes each week, is what make this company truly special.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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