NXT Results: Episode 307

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November 19, 2015 by gorillapressonline


It was an uneven week at Full Sail, with NXT once again blowing its bigger brother, RAW, out of the water even though the show wasn’t up to its usual high standards and ended with a whimper rather than a bang. Let’s take a quick look at what went down in Florida this week:

Nia Jax Defeats Carmella


Carmella seemed a little lost vocally without the microphone work of the supremely over Enzo Amore and Big Cass, nevertheless her gutsy and innovative ring work helped NXT continue the Nia Jax  push.

She is being put over correctly here, working her way up through the roster, instead of being thrust straight into the main event picture and becoming lost in the ether.

A Solid opener to the show.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeat The Ascension

006_NXT_10222015ej_4552-2798373088A heroes welcome at Full Sail for The Ascension; everything that happens here, from their entrance to their ring work, showcases how talented this tag team is. Their current WWE main roster run is uninspiring and seeing the duo back here is refreshing even if it is a fleeting visit.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan truly have something special. A great ring chemistry and talented to boot, these two are destined to be in the tag team main event scene and they are also a team who wouldn’t take much to ascend to the main roster.

Emma Def. Local Talent (Mary Kate)


NXT is the perfect breeding ground to use enhancement talent and give new talent try-outs. Emma has settled into her own as a heel and against this much larger almost Wonder Woman-esque opponent she gets in plenty of offence and although her movement was a little jarring it suited her appearance well.

Emma quickly wrapped things up with the Emma Lock and has her sights firmly set on Asuka alongside her partner Dana Brooke.

Dash and Dawson Defeat Hollis and Skyler
The new NXT tag Champions Dash and Dawson destroy more jobbers in an uninspiring and boring match.

It was never in doubt that the champs were under any threat of getting beaten in this match and hopefully this isn’t a taste of what’s to come from this team in the future.

Bayley Defeats Alexa Bliss


It’s once again the ladies turn to main event NXTtake note, RAW – and this match begins furiously with Bliss taking it to the champ, proving to be a dominant force in the early stages.

Alexa Bliss has a cockiness to her persona and she carries it off well. Ultimately it leads to her downfall here but not at the expense of any heat she has built up.

NXT is good at allowing these new talents to figure out what works in the ring and since she was paired with Blake and Murphy Bliss has settled into her role, much like Carmella has, and is benefiting from the experimentation.

Bayley gives it her all in the ring every time she steps through the ropes and is a pleasure to watch. She also puts over her opponent and has a great ring awareness and can work a crowd – all important skills for a champ.

What happens after the match  receives a unanimous chorus of jeers as, shocking nobody, Eva Marie takes to the ring and (gasp!) the microphone. Her promo is almost inaudible over the crowd. She stops to pander to the boos instead of focusing on the promo, this is clearly bothering her and even Bayley looks sympathetic to the plight of poor ol’ Eva Marie.

NXT have booked this woman in a title shot next week and heaven forbid she gets the strap over Bayley at this moment in time.

A cringeworthy end to NXT, which crumbled before it was able to lift off the ground. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Eva Marie in situations like this, but it’s even harder to see the show end on such a bum note.

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