NXT Recap: Episode 299

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October 2, 2015 by gorillapressonline


As we are begin the final stretch on the road to Takeover: Respect, this week’s NXT is particularly loaded with hype for the highly-anticipated, 30-min Iron Woman match that is slated to be the must-watch bout of the event.

With a special look at that Main Event, coupled with a massive opening slot which sees Samoa Joe and Finn Balor in action, and the return of exciting new prospects Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in singles action later on, and the show is set to be unmissable yet again.

Samoa Joe & Finn Balor Vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass
Finn Balor Samoa Joe Enzo Amore Big CassThis week’s episode kicks off with the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic quarter final, with Big Cass and Enzo Amore facing off against Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. The certified Gs are first into the ring and, in spite of their legendary opponents, they are still majorly over with the Full Sail Crowd.

Finn Balor is rocking a new leather jacket but sadly it is missing the lights from his RNR tenure in NJPW. He still oozes cool, as he swaggers to the ring and he and Joe are surely the favourites to win this tournament outright.

Samoa Joe and Big Cass start the match off strong, with the two colliding in a hard hitting exchange, trading blows, the action inevitably spilling out of the ring as their respective partners suicide dive to the outside in a really cool spot.

Amore and Balor soon take over; the chemistry between these two is very natural, allowing the match to progress with fluidity and grace. Big Cass is steadily coming into his own and his offence is legitimately threatening, but after Joe hits Amore with a Musclebuster and Balor lands the still-stunning Coup De Grace they quickly scoop up a win in what was an entertaining, show-stopping opener.

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor advance to the semi final

Johnny Gargano Vs Apollo Crews
Johnny Gargano Apollo CrewsThese two competitors have serious history on the indy circuit, and they offer an energetic and high tempo bout as they clash for the first time at Full Sail.

Johnny Gargano is an interesting wrestler, with an offbeat and innovative offence. Despite NXT pushing Crews into the stratosphere, he sells Gargango  perfectly.

And, although he gets the win here, they both come out of this short match looking a million Dollars.

Apollo Crews wraps this exciting match up with a super-cool Gorilla Press slam and standing moonsault combo

Dana Brooke & Emma Vs Billy Kay & Peyton Royce
Dana Brooke Emma

After Brooke and Emma interrupted Asuka and her contract signing last week, NXT GM William Regal announces that, as punishment for her insolence, Brooke will face the international superstar at Takeover: Respect.

Before that, though, the heel duo will have to face off against a new team, dressed similarly because they look like each other which, to be honest, becomes a little confusing as the match wears on as it’s quite hard to identify them as individuals.

There is no doubt who is going to take the win in this one, and giving Brooke and Emma a victory before she faces Asuka will help the build up for that match, as well as making sense from a booking perspective.

I still can’t warm to Dana Brooke, so at least when Asuka destroys her at Takeover Respect will be that little bit sweeter.

Emma and Dana Brooke steal the win in the run up to Takeover: Respect

Tyler Breeze Vs Tommaso Ciampa
Tyler Breeze Tomasso CiampaA well-balanced duo, which sadly don’t quite gel, Tyler Breeze and Tommaso Ciampa Main Event tonight’s show, to mixed results.

Prince Pretty has long been on a losing streak in NXT and this is heavily referenced during this match, which adds gravity to the action.

Tommaso Ciampa opens with a furious onslaught, quickly overpowering Breeze, as Prince Pretty gets the upper hand with a clunky roll up exchange. Add to this an untimely comedy spot, in which Breeze rides the back of Ciampa, which dampens the match somewhat.

Tyler Breeze is set to face Apollo Crews at Takeover: Respect and the two couldn’t have been built further away from each other on the spectrum here tonight. Crews is a strong, dominant force whereas Breeze has been losing constantly and when he does win it isn’t impactful whatsoever.

It’s hard to root for Breeze, despite him having tremendous amounts of talent, as NXT don’t seem to know what direction to push him in.

Despite Ciampa providing most of the offence, it is Breeze who gets a much-needed win leading into the Special Event

Sasha Banks Bayley

The show closes with an excellent VT, leading into the much-hyped Iron Woman match, which will headline Takeover: Respect.

This is an incredibly well-edited package that creates genuine buzz and excitement for the match. My only gripe is that it seems like an odd way to close the night, after the so-so Breeze/Ciampa match.

If anything, the opening tag match could’ve been a better Main Event than closing on an okay bout followed by a VT, but that is a small complaint as this upcoming women’s match could easily surpass their excellent previous encounter (itself a match of the year contender).

Bayley and Sasha Banks are both wonderful, hugely-talented wrestlers and the passion on display from both women is both genuine and infectious. If nothing else, this VT did wonders in hyping a match that is more than capable of surpassing the hype.

These two threw everything into their last encounter; re-watching the highlights still gives me goosebumps and even tears in equal measure. The mammoth, 30-min time limit and the Iron Woman stipulation ups the ante in the re-match considerably, and keeps the fans on tenterhooks awaiting the result.

Most importantly, however, this is a well-deserved spot that both these women have worked seriously hard to gain.

NXT Takeover: Respect airs LIVE on Oct 7th on the WWE Network

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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