NXT Recap: Episode 298

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September 25, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTWith the massive news that international superstar Kana has been signed to WWE‘s developmental brand, repackaged as Asuka, this episode is very her first introduction to the NXT universe as she officially signs her contract.

And that, regardless of anything else that happens tonight, is this week’s biggest story.

Eva Marie Vs Carmella
Eva Marie CarmellaThe show kicks off with overwhelming boos signalling that Eva Marie is curtain-jerking tonight. From the moment her music hits the Full Sail crowd are relentless, they just don’t want to know about it whenever she’s involved.

She faces off against Carmella in the opener. Carmella has grown a lot as a competitor and, although she still has a long way to go, she has a great ring presence.

The commentary team is forcing the supposed “journey” of Eva Marie down our throats, in spite of the fact she is still demonstrably quite awkward in the ring, almost second guessing her own actions, which is jarring.

Eva Marie dominates in the match and it is clear she is heading for the Main Event picture in the near future, but it is Carmella, who looks the better of the two kin general, producing all the great spots – like a a fluid hurricanrana – and showing off some great footwork in the ring, too.

A dodgy foot on the rope call looked pathetic with Carmella getting knocked out the ring and counted out, giving Eva Marie a victory to even more boos.

It’s a poor opening to the show with Eva Marie continuing to get the wrong type of heat from fans.

Eva Marie wins by count out, for some unspecified reason

A creepy Nia Jax promo video airs next, which does well to add more mystery to this new Diva, who will hopefully be able to hold her own against the already strong women’s division.

Tyler Breeze Vs Bull Dempsey
Bull Dempsey Tyler BreezeAfter the events of last week, Bull-Fit finally gets to face off against Breeze in the match he wanted, but to be honest both of these Superstars deserve better.

NXT doesn’t really know in which direction to push the super-talented Breeze, and Dempsey has been laden down with his cheesy fitness gimmick.

Takeover: Respect sees Tyler Breeze go one-on-one with Apollo Crews in what could be an excellent display, effectively stifling this dull feud before it even gets enough momentum to really bother us.

Dempsey is clearly having fun here, mocking Prince Pretty and, although Breeze controls much of the pacing and offence, he still has to resort to cheating to topple Bull-Fit.

It makes sense to allow the loss not to hinder Dempsey in the long run but it also doesn’t credit Breeze with anything going forward.

Tyler Breeze gets a win with some underhanded techniques

Kana (Asuka) Contract Signing
Kana William RegalWashed out tones accompany the dramatic music as a lone figure kneels in the ring wearing an admittedly creepy baby face mask. The camera zooms in revealing Asuka, who announces her signing will be next.

Before that a brief promo from the recent NXT tour of Texas airs and the packed out crowds look as though they had an absolute ball. It’s great that NXT are touring as a brand in their own right, and it will be a great gauge of talent from a varied fan base.

William Regal opens proceedings by introducing Kana, who is dressed in business attire and the aforementioned mask and looks incredibly happy to be in the WWE, her beaming smile filling the arena.

She shouts her arrival in NXT and looks ecstatic to be there. Her English is broken and she seems a little uncomfortable speaking (much like Hideo Itami) but given time that will improve. What is important is that she is firmly over with the fans, and that’s the main thing.

The event is soon interrupted by the insufferable Dana Brooke and the adorable Emma, who mock the Japanese superstar before telling her to leave the ring and strangely she backs away and actually leaves the ring!?

As Asuka gets to the top of the arena, however, she throws back a stunning glare and a smile which speak volumes to the amount of pain she is going to inflict on Dana Brooke and Emma in the future.

This is solidified by a shot of the two Divas looking scared in the ring. Although I would’ve loved to see Asuka destroy these two right off the bat, the wait is allowing fans to savour what will undoubtedly be all-out carnage when she gets her hands on the garish heels.

NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Vaudevillians Vs Blake and Murphy
The Vaudevillains Blake and Murphy

To start things off right, we have Blue Pants chasing off Alexa Bliss after a quick scuffle, allowing Gotch and English to concentrate on the challengers in this title defence.

These four men have a good chemistry in the ring but sadly this feud has about drawn to its close; the matches are entertaining but nothing new is being offered here and it is about time that they moved onto a new challenge and were given a fresh lease of life.

Blake and Murphy remind me a lot of the New Day, the heels come across as likeable and cheeky with their energetic in ring style.

The Vaudevillians retain with a Whirling Dervish, closing out an oddly paced and mismatched episode of NXT.

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