WWE News Roundup: Jericho, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim & Trish Stratus

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May 30, 2015 by Joey Keogh

jericho sad

  • Jericho Wants Hackers Tracked Down & Killed/Banned
    In case you don’t hold the social media accounts of celebrities in high regard, Chris Jericho‘s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked earlier this week, resulting in naughty stuff being posted by both. He’s since regained control, and tweeted the following, implicating the alleged culprit(s), who then proudly revealed they’d been blocked:

Jericho also wrote the following on his Facebook page, to show off how he has supposedly won this battle, and to take aim at the STOOPID HACKERS WHO ARE MEAN AND STOOPID:

Thanks to everybody at Instagram and Twitter…and the others who helped me get back on track after I was hacked this morning. My OFFICIAL Instagram is ChrisJerichoFozzy and Twitter is IAmJericho. ALL others are FAKE!!!

Posted by Chris Jericho on Monday, 25 May 2015

  • Kurt Angle: There Is No Beef Between Me & Trips
    Kurt Angle
    has been doing the rounds promoting the upcoming TNA PPV SlammiversaryLOL. Sitting down for a quick chat with the UK’s Mirror newspaper, Angle revealed that, in spite of the still-swirling rumours, he and Triple H have no issues, and, as far as he’s concerned, the reason he didn’t return to the WWE was because he wasn’t able to wrestle full time and that was the only offer available to him. Although Angle acknowledges there may have also been hesitations with re-signing him because of his previous, widely-reported personal issues, there are no hard feelings because in the end it wasn’t what he wanted and TNA turned out to be a better fit for him. Whatever you say, man.
  • Gail Kim Takes Shot At Vince’s Alleged Sexism
    Speaking of TNA, star wrestler Gail Kim recently took to Twitter to call out the chairman of the board for apparently having no idea how to book female talent. Although Kim acknowledged that Trips seems to know what he’s doing (a reference to NXT, and how well the women have been doing there), she argued in no uncertain terms that Vince needs to get a clue.

    Reports are rife that Trips and Steph have been clashing with Vince over the way in which female talent is booked. Judging by NXT, they’re getting their way somewhat but the main shows are still very much under Vince’s control so it’ll be a while before it filters down, or up, rather, if at all. Still, outspoken ladies such as Kim taking a stand will surely help the cause.

  • Trish Stratus On Total Divas: It’s Cool, I Guess
    And speaking of kick-ass ladies, Trish Stratus sat down with the Miami Herald to discuss all things wrestling ahead of she and Lita‘s appearance at the Women In Wrestling Fan Expo last week. Talk inevitably turned to Total Divas, simultaneously the bane of actual female wrestlers’ existence and the best advertisement for them in years. Although Stratus acknowledged it probably wouldn’t have worked back in the day, because they all got along a bit too well, she reckons it’s a cool way to showcase the current generation and their day-to-day lives. Imaging she and Lita taking part and going up against the likes of Brie Bella is both hilarious and soul-destroying.

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