NXT Recap: Episode 276

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May 7, 2015 by gorillapressonline


As NXT Takeover:Unstoppable edges even closer the crowd at Full Sail are ready for another high octane night while they witness the future of WWE in action.

Divas actions kicks off tonight’s show with Emma facing off against former NXT divas Champion Charlotte, Emma last week stole Bayleys ring gear and then cost her a match against the Total Diva Dana Brooke, will Bayley repay the favour?

Emma Vs Charlotte Flair
charlotte flair emma

To add insult to injury Emma is wearing the I’m a hugger shirt another mockery of Bayley, Emma wastes no time in aggressively attacking Charlotte Flair targeting a knee which is hindering Charlotte.

Emma is out for blood tonight pushing the referee out the way as she illegally assaults the downed Flair, the first official match that Emma as wrestled as a heel and she has firm heat with the crowd playing to the reactions like a pro, its unusual to see Charlotte Flair be dominated as much in a match what little offence she manages Emma deals with deftly.

The crowd are behind Charlotte when she rebukes a knee drop, landing on her feet dishing out some painstakingly loud chops to a flurry of WOOOOOS from the hot crowd at Full Sail.

This was the catalyst that Charlotte needed and one that allows her to get the victory in a solid opener.

Emma is settling well into her heel persona which will most definitely culminate in a match with the babyface Bayley.

Speaking of Bayley she enters the ring to stand over the downed Emma, as the crowd chant Bayley’s gonna hug you she helps her former friend Emma to her feet embracing her yet when Emma tries to escape the hug Bayley slams her with a wonderful Bayley to belly suplex for her troubles.

Charlotte Flair has to forcibly restraint Bayley after she recovers her shirt and headband leaving Emma helpless in the ring, Bayley continues to impress and is long overdue a title run against the Boss Sasha Banks.

Another Becky Lynch promo airs with a little bit more of her back-story and her love for wrestling, she again comes across well and its a nice build up to her match against the NXT women’s champ.

The fact she has wrestled all over the world and was in Japan for a period of time is interesting and she has quite a storied journey to NXT which I was unfamiliar with.

The contract signing for said match will close the show tonight and as is usually the case with WWE/NXT contract signings expect fireworks.

Michael Cole has a sit down pre recorded interview with NXT champion Kevin Owens; Owens as usual is on fire every time he is given a microphone but all due credit to Michael Cole he asks the hard questions and delivers a solid interview which is moulded into gold by the enigmatic Owens.

Cole steps up asking about Sami Zayn which clearly gets under the skin of Kevin Owens, this is where the interview is the best Owens decimates Cole in his reaction he is the best thing in NXT at the moment and that’s a bold statement with the roster as good as it is.

Rhyno Vs Bull Dempsey
Rhyno Bull Dempsey

The rebirth of Rhyno has been wonderful to witness since his recent return, as Rhyno spent the first few weeks destroying jobbers it was under no doubt that Bull Dempsey would enter his cross hairs sooner or later. Dempsey got little to no reaction on his entrance and it is a shame as the big guy had a good run against Corbin but out of the two it seems Baron Corbin has impressed the office more than Dempsey.

Once again Rhyno makes quick work of this with his belly to belly suplex before lining up the Gore to a thunderous chant as the crowd chants the count out in unison.

Rhyno takes to the microphone after this short match and proclaims that people say that he’s an unstoppable force but the same people are also saying that Baron Corbin is an unstoppable force and proceeds to call out NXT’s Lone Wolf at Takeover Rival: Unstoppable.

Rhyno wants to make waves at NXT and certainly is doing so

NXT GM William Regal is in his office as a new recruit to Full Sail is present to sign a contract, such is the age of the internet lots of fans already knew that Uhaa “One Man” Nation had already signed a contract so this wasn’t a big of a surprise as it would’ve been pre internet age.

The Samoa Joe introduction will surely be a lot more hyped than Uhaa’s but still nice to see him in NXT.

Its undetermined what his ring name will be in NXT but the Dragon Gate alumni will surely impress and it is good to have another solid worker in NXT to the already bursting at the seams with talent roster.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass Vs Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
enzo amore colin cassidy

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder stand in the ring waiting for their opponents and as Enzo and Cass’ music hits the crowd go as wild as usual but the #1 contenders don’t appear.

Their music is cued once again to no avail, which leaves the commentary team stumped. All is revealed as the backstage cameras and Carmella high pitched screams show everyone’s favourite Gs writhing in agony as NXT Tag Champions Blake and Murphy send a message to their rivals by taking them out backstage.

This match ends in a no contest but stokes the embers of the Blake Murphy/Enzo Cass Feud.

Another Michael Cole interview airs, this time with the former NXT champion Sami Zayn much like the Kevin Owens one from earlier in the show Cole delves into the history of Zayn/Owens and plays the friendship and real life angle, Cole is much more suited to this style of role than he is in a play by play on RAW.

Sami Zayn plays the underdog so well it is believable that his struggle at Takeover:Unstoppable is real and coupled with the brash outspoken confidence of Owens this is going to be unmissable.

Although shorter than the Kevin Owens segment this is solid build up to an enticing main event.

Contract Signing for the NXT women’s Championship Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch
becky lynch sasha banks

William Regal oversees this contract signing but history dictates that every contract signing ends in a violent outburst from both competitors and there is no love lost between the two former tag team partners, Becky Lynch gets a solid applause from the NXT universe as she enters the ring first.

The Champ Sasha Banks has the it factor to make it big, another brilliant heel in NXT and its testament to her talent to how good she actually is in this role.

More Lynch history starts this as she delves into her wrestling past and her CV culminating in the fact that everything has boiled down to this moment as she signs the contract to make this match official.

Sasha Banks stamps her her contract with a ink block which is a nice heel touch, but no time is wasted once everything is on the cards she thumps the Irish contender before standing on the table with her foot firmly on the head of Becky Lynch as the crowd chants “Like a Boss” in a perfect moment.

Becky Lynch manages to shift the momentum a little and locks her in the patented submission move proving she’s not a pushover to the champ, this match could steal the show in an already jam packed special, Takeover shows have all delivered and this one is proving to be no different.

An Alex Riley promo airs in which is states that he has suffered an knee injury and that he has to undergo surgery and A-ry is disgusted that the fans where chanting thank you Kevin for injuring the returned superstar.

Alex Riley says that all the risks aren’t worth it and that the NXT won’t be seeing Riley for a long time because that’s what they wanted.

A good way to write A-Ry out of television while he recovers from his injury but was it too detrimental to his development in the long run.

The Total Diva Dana Brooke gets a little interview backstage she says that she is going to run Charlotte flair out of NXT; Brooke talks way too much with her hands and feels as though she is pandering to the camera with over sexualised movements which is jarring.

Tyler Breeze Vs Hideo Itamityler breeze hideo itami
Finn Balor is sat ringside watching his opponents at Takeover once against face off in this main event, Breeze and Hideo Itami have an excellent chemistry in the ring and this is an excellent way to close a promo heavy show, Tyler Breeze does well to evade the offence of Itami in the early stages rolling out the ring to avoid the stiff kicks of the Japanese superstar.

Prince Pretty stays out the ring counting himself out shouting “ I’m not getting kicked” as Hideo stands proud in the ring, Breeze hits a huge Knee to the mid section and Itami runs the ropes to land a running kick to the chest of Breeze.

Wisely Breeze escapes the ring dictating the pace, the triple threat at Takeover will favour Breeze if he can overcome the dual offence of Balor and Itami,how much with the former tag partners will work together will be a underlining factor in Tyler Breeze’s success.

Tyler Breeze gets the upper hand stomping Hideo in the corner forcing the referee to intervene before getting a close kick out.

Finn Balor is proving a distraction to Breeze he panders to the superstar while he should be focussed on Itami; Hideo Itami hits a flying elbow from the top rope but is unsuccessful in stopping Prince Pretty.

When the match tumbles to the outside Tyler Breeze lays helpless over Balor and as Hideo lines up a running kick Breeze rolls to the ground leaving Hideo  to collide with Finn Balor kicking him over the railings.

Breeze tries to capitalise with the Beauty shot but misses allowing Hideo to steal the victory.

Finn Balor enters the ring and the crowd expect him to get some revenge on Hideo Itami after he inadvertently hit Balor but sadly this is not the case, Balor instead pulls Breeze from Hideo and as he helps his former partner eats a supermodel kick from Breeze as he takes a selfie posing with his defeated rivals.

A very promo heavy show as we roll into Takeover Rival: Unstoppable which adds a lot to the special and the in ring action that is on offer is again of a high standard. The last few weeks the show has relied on these promos and it would be nice to see some more of the roster in action.

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