NXT Recap: Episode 275

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April 30, 2015 by gorillapressonline


After tensions were rising at the end of last week between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, will tonight’s episode see Owens goad another NXT superstar to his fall or will Zayn get retribution for the events at Takeover Rival? And where does Alex Riley now stand? Will they say it to his face?

Speaking of Owens, he opens the show to a mixed reaction that swiftly evolves into a “Fight, Owens, Fight” chant around Full Sail University. He is here to address last week’s Main Event and probably stir to a few more emotions from his rivals while he’s at it.

Kevin Owens wants a fight with Zayn but, as the NXT champion calls him out, he is instead greeted by NXT GM Willam Regal, whom the softly spoken Owens informs that, with the utmost respect, it isn’t him that he wants but Zayn.

This draws out the former champ, who is quickly warned that tonight must not turn into a circus like it did last week and that on May 20th at Takeover both men will get their wishes, much to the delight of fans around the globe. The champion refuses to put the title on the line, of course.

These little nuances are adding so much depth to Owens’ heel persona and it’s a delight to witness. A lot of the current talent could learn from Kevin Owens and the amount of freedom he is allowed is testament to his talent.

Owens soon gets a taste of his own medicine, though, as Zayn talks him into putting the title on the line. These two have a great chemistry and Regal has been a perfect tipping point in this feud – a brilliant start to the show all round.

Carmella is backstage with the certified Gs arguing and, when she dismisses them, the current tag champs Blake And Murphy try to woo the Princess of Staten Island by insulting Enzo Amore and Big Cass, whom she quite firmly backs up,  proving she’s got her boys’ backs no matter what.

More backstage antics ensue as Alex Riley barges in on the GM and Sami Zayn. Although he once again wants to battle Owens, he has to settle for facing Zayn, who soon proclaims he needs a warm-up match.

Big Cass & Enzo Amore (w/Carmella) Vs Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy
big cass enzo amore
Enzo is gold on the microphone and this week he calls Wesley Blake “The Frosted Flake” and his tag partner Buddy Murphy “The Sugar Cube Dude”. He has the crowd chanting along with him week in, week out and his tag team is so over at Full Sail, and rightfully so – I foresee the championship gold heading their way in the very near future.

Once again they face off against the champs in a non-title match. In the early stages Blake manages to keep Enzo away from Big Cass, controlling the pace. When Enzo does get the tag, however, it doesn’t take long for Cass to use his considerable size to his advantage. Bravado gets the better of Blake as he blows a kiss to Carmella at ringside. He gets a sweet kiss for the massive boot of Cassidy.

Big Cass tags in his partner and allows Enzo to take the victory for the bonafide Gs

A spirited promo from Becky Lynch airs next, and she comes across wonderfully; aggressive, passionate and determined in equal measure in an excellent promo from a Diva who doesn’t garner nearly enough mic time (possibly due to her thick Irish accent and the American audiences’ difficultly to decipher it). Regardless, she knocks this one out the park.

Bayley, on the other hand, isn’t having such a good night; the bubbly Diva seems worried and unfocused as it unfolds, revealing she’s lost some of her ring gear and has to find it.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke
bayley dana brooke
is back to her usual fun-loving self as she enters the ring but will her spirits be as high after this bout against the Total Diva Dana Brooke? Dana proves right off the bat that she isn’t one to be messed with, using her strength to intimidate her happy-go-lucky opponent. 

Bayley out-wrestles the Total Diva to get the upper hand but, despite the NXT Universe‘s approval, the tables once again turn as she slams Bayley onto the mat with a fireman slam. Bayley valiantly fights back, kicking out of a close two count and colliding with the Total Diva, hitting some stiff forearms and a running elbow, leaving Dana overwhelmed in the corner.

Just as Bayley looks set to topple the newcomer, her own entrance music hits and Emma comes out to the arena in Bayley‘s gear and headband, distracting her rival and allowing Brooke to add another W to her belt.

Dana Brooke wisely takes advantage of Bayley to take another victory at Full Sail

Hideo Itami Vs Adam Rose
hideo itami adam roseThe Exotic Express has returned to NXT to face a bemused Hideo Itami. The Japanese legend surely isn’t part of the party train that Rose has going on, as he proves right off the bat.

Long after his music has stopped the crowd are still singing along before a “Hideo!” chant erupts. Itami starts the match fiercely, with strikes and kicks, and it doesn’t take long for him to best Rose with a shotgun kick.

Another short match, but this does a great deal for Hideo as getting a victory against the main roster talent is still a big deal. Although Rose had his fair share of offence it was never in doubt that Itami would prosper in this match.

Kudos to Rose as he looked good, even in defeat. A stint in NXT would do him a lot of good in the long run

Becky Lynch Vs Sarah Dobson
becky lynch sarah dobson
Becky Lynch
continues to impress. Over the last few weeks she has been totally unstoppable and looks like a genuine threat to the NXT women’s championship. Sarah Dobson is well-known on the indie circuit, wrestling as Crazy Mary Mason at ICP’s Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Billy Corgan’s Resistance PRO Wrestling.

Sadly the indie starlet doesn’t get much chance to shine as Becky makes short work of her moving further towards her coveted gold

Alex Riley Vs Sami Zayn
alex riley sami zayn
Alex Riley
is fired up as usual as he enters the ring, the crowd chanting Ole for Zayn as soon as his catchy ska tune hits the speakers. However, the fans’ support doesn’t help as Riley swiftly overpowers Zayn in a succession of lock ups.

Kevin Owens is on commentary for this match and unsurprisingly it’s the best it’s been all night, with the champ riling up and stirring the pot while keeping his delivery  eloquent as he controls the flow of the commentary like a pro.

The in-ring action is predominantly in favour of Riley as he uses his greater size to control Zayn. The fan favourite gains the advantage subsequently, with his agility. By this point, his rival Owens has seen enough and enters the fray getting Alex Riley disqualified by blind-siding Zayn and subsequently taking out Riley with a huge powerbomb on the apron and once again ending NXT in chaos, just the way Owens likes it.

Owens is the real winner here, showcasing once again that he’s a force to be reckoned with

This was a promo-heavy episode with a lot of build-up to NXT Takeover on May 20th but a solid way to build up both Dana Brooke and Becky Lynch, in particular. Owens always steals the show whenever and whatever capacity he is in. Sami Zayn will be furious at the event and this all keeps the ball rolling for the next big WWE Network event, too.

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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