King of The Ring 2015 Recap

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April 29, 2015 by gorillapressonline


After the first round matches took place on this week’s RAW, bringing R-Truth, Sheamus, Neville and Bad News Barrett forward to the next round, the semi-finals and finals of the King Of The Ring tournament were held on an hour-long, WWE Network broadcast special.

It is great to see the bracket tournament back on WWE television and a wise move to keep the new subscribers to the Network after the month of April was free.

The show kicks off with a nice little promo about the previous KOTR champions, including illustrious legends like Bret Hart, Owen Hart, King Booker and Triple H who, among others, have held the crown in the past.

This is followed by a swift, yet effective recap of the first round matches from the previous night, along with a backstage interview with semi finalist and 2010 King of The Ring Sheamus, who faces Neville in what could be the highlight match of the night.

Keeping the interviews going Neville gets the far better deal as he speaks to the ever lovely Renee Young; Neville is playing the underdog with heart card perfectly, a great antithesis to the brash new heel persona Sheamus has adopted since his return.

Semi Final Match 1: Neville Vs Sheamus
Neville Sheamus
starts the match off by mocking his opponent’s height (and ears), calling him an elf and making measuring gestures before furiously overpowering the Geordie superstar. Neville manages to sway the momentum with some swift kicks and strikes before using his agility against the larger Irishman, which is his best chance to topple the considerably bigger Temple Bar brawler.

Sheamus uses his strength to keep Neville grounded, delivering punishing back-breakers and singling out the hips and lower back of the Geordie powerhouse, who fights back valiantly against Sheamus as he goes for his patented ten beats of the bodhrán chest strikes. When these prove unsuccessful, the Irishman viciously throws Neville from the apron in fury, smack bang into the side of the announce table with a sickening thud, forcing a close count out of nine as the Geordie struggles to make it back into the ring.

Sheamus doesn’t waste time following up this assault with a swift White Noise manoeuvre. As he brushes his hands and gets ready to end the match Dolph Ziggler interrupts, allowing Neville to take full advantage and land a huge Red Arrow onto the Celtic Warrior, thereby grabbing his spot in the finals.

Ziggler isn’t content with just costing Sheamus the match, however, as he runs to the ring and gets some well-deserved revenge from Extreme Rules the past Sunday by attacking the Irishman with an onslaught of vicious strikes. This will all culminate at Payback, of course, but the build-up is certainly entertaining.

This was an excellent way to keep the feud with Ziggler alive and the heat on Sheamus while allowing Neville to progress in the competition

Semi Final Match 2: Bad News Barrett Vs R Truth
R Truth Bad News BarrettThe less appealing of the two semi finals could lead to a potential rematch of the excellent Extreme Rules pre-show match between Barrett and Neville, which would be a perfect way to crown a new British King of the Ring.

Bad News gets the interview treatment from Renee, cutting a solid promo against Neville, while R Truth gets “B Saxton” as he calls him, mentioning being afraid of spiders again, and that when he is proclaimed King his declaration and first act would be to build a castle and stop all the spiders from entering said castle by building a moat (an echo of a charming promo he cut on RAW)! In a funny moment, when his opponent addressed him, he announces that Barrett isn’t even invited to his castle just like the water spiders?! R Truth makes no sense whatsoever but it was still pretty funny.

Barrett looks confident as he enters the ring and rightfully so, ever since his return from injury he has been rejuvenated and he continues to impress week to week.

He sets the early pace, hitting Truth with some brutal knees to the chest and wisely not allowing him any time to reciprocate any offence. Some excellent back and forth action ensues, with both men looking like legitimate contenders to the throne. Truth gets a close pin but in a moment of great ring awareness gets his foot on the ropes.

Barrett smashes Truth with the Bullhammer and progresses to the finals in a rematch of the North East England vs North West Derby

King of The Ring Final: Bad News Barrett Vs Neville
Bad News Barrett NevilleBefore the final kicks off, there’s a video tribute to WWE Legend Verne Gange, which showcases this superb athlete’s wonderful career in both amateur and professional wrestling. Hopefully a lot of younger fans will use the WWE Network to watch the AWA action and see the man do what he does best. Thoughts go out to his family during this tough time.

Renee Young is once again backstage and ready with her mic, this time with the Show Off Dolph Ziggler, as he explains his actions from last night on RAW and tonight during the match earlier.

As the throne lies illuminated at the top of the stage the energetic high flyer Neville enters the ring, close to being proclaimed the 2015 KOTR and yet so far away, but his opponent BNB is no walk-over and again looks confident and focused as he makes his descent.

Bad News Barrett steps out through the ropes immediately as the bell tolls, much to the annoyance of his rival. The crowd are firmly behind Neville in the early stages, as the Geordie high-flyer runs literal rings around his fellow countryman. However, as Neville runs the ropes, Barrett smartly follows him, delivering a huge elbow and thrusting the Geordie over the top rope.

Barrett is relentless in these early stages, keeping firmly on top of Neville and not allowing him to utilise his innovative offence.

In a brilliant showcase of his athleticism, Neville leaps from the apron to the top rope to land a moonsault to the outside on Bad News Barrett – wonderful stuff.

With the momentum fairly in favour of Neville, Bad News has to pull out all the stops and he manages to hit the Winds Of Change with Neville kicking out numerous times in succession.

Barrett misses with a Bullhammer and Neville rolls him up for a hairpin two count. Neville is looking for the Red Arrow, which he misses but manages to stay upright. Barrett scopes this, hitting a massive Bullhammer to take the victory and be crowned King of the Ring 2015 in a relentlessly entertaining final.

King Bad News Barrett is crowned and the reign of Bad News begins!! In his acceptance speech, Barrett proclaims he will run his kingdom with an iron fist and a Bullhammer. And no doubt much bad news.
King Bad News Barrett

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