NXT Catch Up: Episodes 270 & 271


April 16, 2015 by gorillapressonline


NXT Episode 270
After NXT hit the road at the Arnold Classic and delivered one hell of a show to, hopefully, a new set of converts to the upstart roster over at Full Sail.

After an explosive end to the last episode, Finn Balor finally gets a chance to tackle the NXT champion Kevin Owens in the Main Event and to possibly garner his first NXT title shot. But, before all of that, we’ve got some Divas action to contend with.

Sasha Banks (c) Vs Alexa Bliss
Sasha Banks Alexa Bliss
The show kicks off with Sasha Banks hoping to get some retribution against Alexa Bliss, who defeated the champion in her home town of Ohio. Alexa started out the match much like the previous one, quickly trying to best Banks with numerous, successive pin attempts. The Boss was having none of hit, of course, and her aggression allowed her to gain full control of the match.

Alexa valiantly fought back, landing an impressive sunset flip power bomb and, as the challenger mounted the top rope to put things away with her patented Sparkle Splash, her nerves got the better of her, which Banks wasted no time in capitalising on to steal the victory.

NXT Divas Champion gets some hard-fought revenge against the newly-returned Bliss

NXT tag team champions Blake and Murphy continue to get into the heads of Big Cass and Enzo Amore, this time presenting Carmella with some lavish jewellery as an apology for knocking her off the ring apron in the last episode. Enzo and Cass aren’t too happy with this gesture and the tension between the champs and the #1 contenders continues to grow as the weeks progress.

NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor Vs Kevin Owens
Finn Balor Kevin Owens
Full Sail is on tenterhooks before the match even begins; the raucous crowd are extremely vocal as Owens once again delves into the head of another Superstar and tries to manipulate the situation to his own benefit. He outright refuses to enter the ring at first, circling the Irishman who is raring for a fight and, given the amount of time this match is allocated, the fans are sure to be in for a treat.

As the two lock up in the centre of the ring, Balor manages to gain the upper hand, and in a gesture of good sportsmanship lets Owens go at the turnbuckle. Not one for sportsmanship himself, Owens returns the gesture with a devious kick to the mid section of Balor. Owens is doing things on his own terms in NXT and this bout is no different.

The pace quickens with Balor dishing out a huge dropkick, forcing the champ to regroup outside the ring. Owens wants this match at his pace and this evasion is a smart move on his part.

The fluidity between the two is pure spectacle; Balor runs the ropes and a beautiful sequence displays the talent of both wrestlers, while the size difference between the two is displayed perfectly every time Balor tries to up the pace and Owens counteracts in a brilliant game of cat and mouse.

Owens took control of the match but when he tried to powerbomb the challenger on the ring apron, he allows Balor to hit the Slingblade and change the tide. As things were looking up and the champion was about to be dethroned Owens sneakily evaded a dropkick and pounded on the injured leg of Balor as he laid in the corner.

The Irish legend fought back, somehow managing to get to his feet and hit a huge Coup De Grace but Owens quickly took advantage of the challenger’s loss of speed, allowing the injured Balor to get to his feet only so he could wipe him out with a pop up powerbomb and retain the NXT championship as a result.

Owens retains in a stunning display of athletic ability on the part of both participants


NXT Episode 271
After his gruelling match at NXT Takeover Rival former champ, and fan favourite, Sami Zayn has returned to the fold after nearly a month away from competition, kicking off the show by vowing to get revenge on his ex-BFF Kevin Owens. Zayn is welcomed with huge applause and, following his tour of Abu Dhabi with the main roster, he looks energised and ready for retribution.

Rhyno Vs Local Wrestler
alumnus and newly-returned star Rhyno wastes no time in decimating his unnamed opponent, tossing the local challenger across the ring with a brutal Suplex and hitting the gore to wrap things up swiftly. Rhyno isn’t finished there, however, as he takes to the microphone to proclaim he is at NXT to win the title.

A decent, rousing start to the show with the ECW star obviously emerging victorious against an unknown

Bayley Vs Emma
BAyley Emma
A brief vignette airs right before this match, highlighting the fact that Dana Brooks will début in two weeks. She could be a great addition to an already compelling Divas division in NXT, particularly if the ladies are to continue showing up their main roster counterparts.

Since returning from the main roster, the once happy-go-lucky dancer who would gallivant with Santino is now an aggressive, driven and worthy contender to the women’s title, using her new-found mean streak to taunts Bayley, forcing her own vicious streak to emerge and resulting in the Australian getting her head smashed off the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Emma quickly gained the advantage with her Dil-Emma submission but, as she started to mock the downed Bayley during a cover with her trademark dance moves, she managed to reverse the pin and steal the win.

Bayley finds a reason to continue smiling as she steals the win

Blake & Murphy Vs The Lucha Dragons
Lucha Dragons
Non-title tag action next as former champs, and current main roster stars, The Lucha Dragons face up to the team that stole the belts from them. As always Full Sail is well behind the Dragons and the “Lu-cha!” chants are in full swing throughout the match.

The energetic Dragons were on top form in the early stages, their high-flying antics scoring them an easy advantage from the get go. But Blake and Murphy took no time in downing Kalisto, keeping him away from his tag team partner and effectively cutting the ring in half as a result.

Things started to turn in favour of the Dragons once more when Kalisto managed the tag but the underhanded tactics of their opponents allowed Blake and Murphy to once again topple them.

The tag champs take the win once more over the popular Lucha stars

Jason Jordan Vs Tye Dillinger
Jason Jordan Tye Dillinger
These former tag partners are facing off against each other for the first time on NXT; Dillinger came out swinging hitting his partner with a forearm to try and assert his dominance early on.

The amateur wrestler Jordan quickly used his past skills to down Tye Dillinger with repeated takedowns much like Kurt Angle circa 1999. Dillinger fought back but once again was thwarted with a Suplex that allowed Jordan to take first blood in this feud.

Jordan takes the win over his former tag team buddy

Tyler Breeze Vs Hideo Itami (2 out of 3 falls match)
Hideo Itami Tyler Breeze
Breeze and Itami are having one of the most interesting feuds in NXT history at the momen. Both wrestlers possess impressive in-ring capabilities and charisma and they bounce so well off each other, making this bout an absolute delight to watch. Both are ready for the main roster if the move is made.

Itami unleashed a flurry of kicks and strikes from the outset, gaining the first fall and aggravating Prince Pretty. As he continues his assault, it looks like the Japanese superstar is set to take the second fall easily but Breeze played possum to lure him into a trap, unleashing a Beauty Shot to take the second Fall and tying the match 1-1.

Stunning back and forth action continued as both men threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other, with Itami whipping Breeze into the corner. Prince Pretty connected with another Beauty Shot, taking the third fall, and with it the match.

Another excellent addition to the library of matches this feud is generating, and a fantastic end to NXT as Breeze takes the win

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