NXT Recap: Episode 269


April 6, 2015 by gorillapressonline


In another first, for for the upstart development show of the WWE, this week’s NXT event comes to us LIVE from the 2015 Arnold Classic in Ohio, the world class fitness and body-building Expo promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, as you probably recall, is also going to be inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE HOF 2015.

The crowd consists mainly of existing WWE/NXT fans so you know they’ll bring the noise while we’re away from NXT‘s rightful home at Full Sail.

The show kicks off with another fantastic match from Tyler Breeze, one of the most entertaining and well-rounded wrestlers on the NXT roster, facing off against one half of the Lucha Dragons (who enjoyed a stunning debut at the Raw following Wrestlemania), the high-flying and energetic Kalisto.

He takes the reigns early on in the match, as Prince Pretty struggles to combat the Luchadors’ unique offence and unstoppable speed. Breeze was noticeably, and understandably, frustrated with how events were unfolding and somehow managed to stop the Dragon mid-springboard with a devastating superkick that cleanly stopped Kalisto dead in his tracks.

Not one to give up, Kalisto managed to scramble to the top rope for a 450 Splash but Breeze’s innate ring awareness meant he could get to the ropes in time and stop the pinfall.

Tyler Breeze wrapped things up just as Kalisto looked to be gaining momentum once more, managing to counter the Salida Del Sol with a Beauty Shot, and taking the win, in a superb and frantically-paced opener.

NXT Kalisto Tyler Breeze

Up next, NXT‘s resident Gs, Big Cass and Enzo Amore, hit the ring. However, tonight, Cass is on his lonesome opposite one half of the current tag team champions, Wesley Blake.

To start with, Cass used his immense size advantage, as he easily controlled Blake – much to the behest of his tag partner Buddy Murphy. Murphy was quick to jump in on the action, too, distracting Cass and getting a big boot for his troubles, knocking valet and Diva Carmella from the apron, in the process, in an impressive bump.

As Enzo tended to Carmella and Cass watched on, Blake capitalised on the giant’s concern, catching him in a roll-up and stealing another win for the champs.

Hometown girl and returning NXT Diva Alexa Bliss faced the current NXT champion Sasha Banks in a non-title match, and the crowd were hot for both Divas, with the home-field advantage certainly giving Bliss some serious momentum.

Her aggression got the best of her, though, as Banks slowed down the pace and applied a cobra clutch to allow the match to steady at her speed. Things later spiralled out of control outside the ring with Banks getting rammed head-first into the steel post in a smart reversal by Bliss.

Bliss subsequently won by count-out and, immediately following the match, NXT GM William Regal announced that she would be granted a title shot as a result.

NXT Sasha Banks Alexa Bliss

Tonight’s Main Event sees the returning Alex Riley get his hands on current cham,p Kevin Owens. After weeks of torment, Riley is fired up but sadly it is nowhere near enough to stop Owens in his tracks as he pummels A-Ry into the ground,l mocking his fallen opponent as he does so.

A huge Spinebuster from Riley isn’t enough to stop the champ, who once again takes control of the match with ease, throwing Riley into the ring-post in a horrific collision.

Owens is set to end Riley’s newly-revived career, via his pop-up power-bomb, taking the victory in the process. But the champ isn’t finished there, as the action spills outside the ring, forcing #1 contender Finn Balor to rush ringside to stop the destruction and save Riley from him.

Balor and Owens square off, the Irishman looking down at Owens from the stage before diving to stop the assault, hitting the champ with a massive drop-kick, and ending another brilliant episode of NXT while simultaneously keeping the fans on tenterhooks as we anxiously await next week’s Balor Vs Owens Main Event.

NXT is broadcast every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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