WWE News Roundup: The Young Bucks, The Rock & NXT Star To Perform At Wrestlemania


March 23, 2015 by Joey Keogh

The Young Bucks

  • WWE Taking Shots At The Young Bucks?
    Eagle-eyed (or eared, rather) viewers may have noticed that, in talking down Roman Reigns on a recent episode of Smackdown (later replayed on Raw, because of course it was), Mark Henry referred to “young bucks” who think they know everything. Alvarez noted same on his show, suggesting it was a swipe at the popular tag team, while the guys themselves took to Twitter to josh about how everyone is obsessed with them and wants to sign them because, obviously, they’re the best. All of this discontent seems to have sprung from the Bucks’ refusal to sign a contract with the WWE. Raw and Smackdown have also become awash with superkicks (another alleged shot at them), when up until quite recently nobody was allowed to use the move because it was thought of as a HBK thing. This is yet another example of the WWE throwing all of their toys out of the pram, but to their credit The Young Bucks are using all of the attention to their advantage.

  • The Rock To Fight Lesnar At WM32?
    Following a taped segment on last week’s Raw, during which Brock Lesnar mentioned how he essentially ended Rocky’s career back in the day, certain commentators have been speculating about whether the two are possibly being set up to face each other again at Wrestlemania 32. The Rock has stated previously that he’s after a match with Lesnar, but this is the first time it’s been properly hinted at.

  • NXT Star To Compete In Andre The Giant Battle Royal
    WWE announced last week on its official Wrestlemania Twitter account that an NXT star will be competing in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WM31. There will be a tournament this coming Thursday on Axxess to decide who advances to the biggest stage in the world, but speculation is already running wild that whoever it is might just emerge victorious, and take a spot on the main roster for good measure.

2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: The Young Bucks, The Rock & NXT Star To Perform At Wrestlemania

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