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February 22, 2015 by mrlahhh

FL Reigns

I’ve been fairly proud of myself with recent WWE PPV predictions, only predicting one match wrong from the last two events (the Bellas win at the Rumble), so naturally, I’m feeling fairly confident heading into this one. Here goes:

Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler & Ryback to beat Seth Rollins, Kane & The Big Show

  • The big question here is whether Randy Orton will show up or not? If Rollins/Orton is to happen at Wrestlemania, they’re running out of time to introduce Randy back into the fold, it would be a pretty explosive start to the night to have this first and have Orton interfere. Either way though, I think Rowan, Ryback and Ziggles go over.

Goldust to beat Stardust by DQ

  • I think a lot of FL matches have the potential for a muddy ending and this is certainly one of them, there’s obviously so much more to come from this rivalry and the way they’ve been going with Cody seems to be leading him down the aggressive/not listening to anyone path. Stardust loses it and gets DQed, allowing this very young rivalry to move on to Wrestlemania.

Dean Ambrose to beat Wade Barrett to become new Intercontinental Champion

  • Ambrose has nothing on at the moment, he’s been in limbo for what feels like months without a particular direction or gimmick to hold him over. He’s still doing his unhinged thing but that only goes so far and he has a lot of fans calling for more. Barrett on the other hand has a lot going on, he’s the IC champ, his new BNZ gimmick, etc. and he can handle the loss better. Pinning the title on Ambrose makes sense to tide him over until they find something else for him.

FL Rusev Cena

The Usos to retain against Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

  • I’ve gone into numerous PPVs hoping and praying for The Usos to lose/drop the titles and it hasn’t happened. As much as people want Cesaro and Kidd to go over – and I am one of those people – it makes much more sense to do it at Wrestlemania. It’ll get more reaction and also, should they ever decide to use Cesaro properly, it gives him Wrestlemania history; Andre The Giant battle royal winner, tag-team title winner at Mania, etc. Plus, it’s not as if there is a queue of teams waiting, or worthy of title shots and the Nattie/reality element could easily see this through to Wrestlemania.

Nikki Bella to retain Divas Title v. Paige

  • I really don’t know what to say for this other than I don’t see Paige winning. With AJ’s status up in the air, there’s only really these two who are likely to be involved in the title scene as we head towards Wrestlemania. I think it’ll be a pretty good match though, one of Nikki’s best to date, and Paige has already teased a few surprises.

Rusev to defeat John Cena by DQ

  • Recent weeks have seen a shift in Cena’s character and attitude. He’s been much more aggressive and arguably better off for it. Everyone knows they simply can’t put the US title on him but I also tend to disagree with the Rusev clean win pathway. Cena can get away with more aggression against Rusev without appearing heel-ish because of the USA/Russia thing. His aggression gets the best of him, no doubt Michael Cole will say “it’s a side of Cena we’ve never seen before” and I think he’ll Get DQedd. Controversial perhaps, but I’m going with it.

Roman Reigns to beat Daniel Bryan and go on to headline Wrestlemania

  • The waters have been tested with Reigns’s push and, aside from the Rumble heat, I don’t think there has seen enough to put them off having him headline Wrestlemania – especially as Rollins will cash in straight away anyway (we can dream). D-Bry is an absolute star, it’s a travesty he’s not considered a top guy, but that’s the way it is at the minute and he’ll put Roman over like a boss. When I think about it properly, I don’t even want to see a Triple Threat. I’d much rather play the long-game, have Reigns headline Wrestlemania against Lesnar and have Rollins cash in either way. Bryan absolutely deserves another shot at Wrestlemania, but it’s not this year.


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