WWE News Roundup: AJ Lee, Vince Mc Mahon & More Pissed Off Wrestlers


February 21, 2015 by Joey Keogh

AJ Lee Punk

  • AJ Lee Injured/Pregnant/An Alien?
    After months of speculation, it’s been sort-of confirmed that AJ Lee is out of action thanks to back and neck injuries sustained during her last stint in the ring. Dissonance is growing, both between fans and the roster, and company, at large as it’s generally assumed AJ should be back in action by now and that maybe she’s taking the piss a little. There are also certain factions who believe, as per usual, her absence has something to do with her man. When a fan enquired on Twitter as to whether she was “100%”, she replied simply “nope”. She could still be pregnant, of course, because nobody seems capable of letting that idea go yet.

  • Mc Mahon’s Terrifies On Muscle & Fitness Cover
    In case you’ve yet to be scarred for life by it, you can see Vince Mc Mahon‘s terrifying, and disgracefully Photoshopped, Muscle & Fitness cover right here. The chairman of the board also gave a lengthy interview to the magazine, during which he opined that when he kicks it Steph and Trips might take over, or maybe not because maybe he’s immortal. Mc Mahon also claimed his favourite wrestler of all time is Taker because he wears that bad ass coat and hat combo. You can check out the full interview in the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness, if you’re that way inclined.

  • Main Roster Pissed Over NXT, NXT Pissed Too
    Following the explosive NXT Takeover: Rival show, certain main roster Superstars have expressed their dissatisfaction with how they’re being treated compared to those still in developmental. In particular, Brie Bella spoke out recently at a press conference about how the main roster Divas should be given more time for their matches, especially considering the ladies in NXT are given much more room to show what they can do. On the flip-side, certain NXT wrestlers are growing frustrated with being stuck in developmental hell, feeling they are ready to progress but are being held back. But we all know that when they do move up it’ll suck, so really they should be careful what they wish for.

2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: AJ Lee, Vince Mc Mahon & More Pissed Off Wrestlers

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