NXT News Roundup: 14/2/15


February 14, 2015 by gorillapressonline

Triple H is forming a new clique
HHH has hand-selected four NXT Superstars, who he believes are the future of the company: Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Hideo Itami are all getting hands on advice and, if Wreddit insider Metsfan4ever is to believed (his sources have proven to be very reliable in the past), these four, in particular, are getting a lighter workload than the rest of the current roster. They are also being given a little bit more free reign on move-sets and input into their in-ring action.

Rhyno Appears on TV Taping (spoilers)
At the NXT taping in Florida, for the next four weeks, former WWE/ECW superstar Rhyno had a match with jobber Ellias Sampson. He then had some form of altercation backstage with Finn Balor. All will be revealed over the next four episodes. It is likely that Rhyno will join Brian Kendrick as a trainer for the new NXT talent and this was his try-out, as Kendrick also appeared on the tapings.

NXT fan who jumped the railing to Tyler Breeze identified
The fan who jumped the barricade at NXT Takeover: Rival is none other than new NXT recruit Gionna Daddio, who has been signed with the company for a few months in developmental and appeared on this video for WWE previously:

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  1. […] ring and, as came down the ramp, a fan jumped the barricade and embraced Prince Pretty. However, it turned out that she was a new NXT recruit and this fit in perfectly with Breeze and his Dolph […]

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