ROH Recap: 24/01/15

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February 2, 2015 by mrlahhh

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Tonight’s show opens with a replay of last week’s ending: Maria Kanellis attacking Jay Briscoe with the Title of Love and taunting him because, as is obvious, she’s a woman and therefore Briscoe can’t hit her. For those who aren’t familiar with ROH storylines, the Title Of Love, which Maria and The Kingdom hold, is actually Briscoe’s original ROH World Heavyweight Championship belt and it has been glammed up into a fluffy, pink, girly monstrosity. Understandably, Jay wants his belt back.

We move to The Briscoes, who cut a promo addressing The Kingdom (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven) and the events of last week. Jay tells Maria that he may well have something in store for her tonight.

Not changing pace or theme, the first match sees The Kingdom (accompanied by Maria) taking on Jay and Mark Briscoe. For those who may be after a technical masterpiece, look away now. The Briscoes are hot and immediately a brawl ensues between them and The Kingdom. Jay clears the ring by clotheslining Taven out, with Mark quickly following it up by delivering an old-school Cactus Jack elbow from the apron. It’s also here that the first mention of Alberto El Patron’s in ring début occurs.

The tone has been set and it gets really chaotic, really quick, with a succession of chair shots back and forth between the two teams – Mark Briscoe even removes his t-shirt to choke Taven, smashing him into the railing. Bear in mind here, the bell hasn’t even rung yet, and in fact a second referee soon emerges, in an attempt to restore order to the proceedings. The show cuts to a commercial break and, upon its return, and the second ref has worked his magic with Jay and Taven in the ring, soon followed by the bell.

The match is short though, The Briscoes isolate Taven early on and go for the Doomsday Device, but Bennett saves by pushing Mark off the top and delivering a spear on the ring apron. With Mark out of the picture, The Kingdom make an attempt at gaining dominance until Bennett is DQed for using the Title Of Love on Jay. With a fatal four-way for the ROH World Title scheduled for the upcoming PPV on March 1st, this is the last place Jay needs to be. The Kingdom bring steel chairs into the ring and set Jay’s head on a chair, and Maria teases a Conchairto-type move. Just as Maria gets the chair above her head, however, Jay surprises her, as he teased before with former TNA Knockouts champ ODB turning up to make the save, wrapping a chair around Taven’s head. ODB makes it clear why she’s here, addressing Maria Kanellis directly as she tells her “There’s a new bitch in town, ODB: One Dirty Briscoe!” The crowd absolutely love it, and it immediately sets the tone for the rest of the show.

Jay Briscoe, ODB, and Mark Briscoe

ODB is a perfect match for The Briscoes and the Tennessee State Fairground crowd has her totally over from the get-go. She immediately restores both brothers with the Magic Elixir from her hip-flask. Her inclusion in this feud will really help them towards resolving the Maria Kanellis issue that has plagued them over the past while, and it would be awesome to see an angle where the newcomer challenges Maria, with the Title Of Love on the line of course, in order to eventually bring it back into Briscoe hands.

Before the next match, a Round 1 Top Prospect Tournament Match between Beer City Bruiser and Mikey Webb, there’s a short promo with Jimmy Jacobs of The Decade as he addresses Roderyck Strong and their young recruits in the Top Prospect Tournament.

Bruiser joins an ever-growing list of throwback-style wrestlers who seem to be making a slight resurgence at the moment. On commentary, he is compared to Vader, which although is premature at this point, makes sense as he too is big, bruising, and yet agile enough in spite of it.

Beer City Bruiser is enormous in the ring compared with Mikey Webb and the route the match will take is made clear early on with Webb attempting numerous strikes, chops, Suplexes and even a sunset flip, in a futile attempt to shift the big man off his feet. BCB is powerful and responds in kind, with devastating strikes of his own. Even when Webb delivers two dropkicks (rated about a 6 on the Okada scale) and a springboard head-scissors to deposit BCB to the outside, he still manages to stay on his feet.

Webb, feeling the momentum, attempts a suicide dive through the ropes, which Bruiser casually sidesteps, striking Mikey in the process, and laying him out on the floor. The ref begins the count-out and reaches 8 before BCB decides this isn’t enough and takes to the apron to deliver a, quite frankly, ridiculous senton for a guy of his size onto Webb who is still on the floor. There is absolutely no reason why ALL promotions shouldn’t use the 20-count for ring count-outs as it allows the guys much more scope to use their time on the outside wisely and NJPW, in particular, proves it doesn’t detract from the in-ring quality.

Anyway, BCB takes this opportunity to enjoy some liquid refreshment and stands drinking his beer quietly, as the ref reaches 19.999. Webb makes it back into the ring and we pick up where we left off, as he fails a Spear and two Suplexes resulting in Bruiser delivering a Fisherman Buster for two. A missed corner charge by Bruiser allows Webb to take some offence with chops, an ensigury and finally a Suplex for a two count. Beer City Bruiser delivers the Hair of the Dog strong lariat for a close count and, after another slight back and forth, gives Webb a Two Day Hangover for the win, thereby advancing to the next round.

maria k

Maria Kanellis, with the customised Title Of Love

Before we reach the moment we’ve all been waiting for, there’s a recap of last week’s show, during which when Alberto El Patron and Jay Lethal were set on a collision course. El Patron gave a promo about how he’s here for the top belt in the company, but Lethal immediately took offence to this, stating he was the number one guy and that, in reality, the TV Title was the #1 belt. This has potential to be one of those beautiful things in professional wrestling: a feud on camera, with a personal touch and genuine feelings of resent because it makes total sense that Lethal would be pissed off at the new guy turning up and expecting to steal the spotlight.

The crowd is HOT for this main event between El Patron and The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, alternating between chanting “This is Awesome” and “You’re both awesome”. El Patron and Daniels spend a minute or two playing up to the crowd, with Alberto, in particular, seemingly intent on giving respect to the ROH brand. We start with several minutes of mat-based action, with both wrestlers applying and countering various holds. However, this does nothing to dampen the crowd who rapturously chant back and forth for both participants.

After the technical start, the match spills outside with EL Patron missing a baseball slide and being subsequently slammed into the barrier by Daniels, who executes a wonderful springboard moonsault from the apron.

Daniels then slides his opponent back into the ring and, upon re-entering himself, is caught with a textbook step-up ensigury on the apron from El Patron – the sound of impact echoing around the arena as he hits it. Alberto seizes the opportunity and smashes Daniels head first into the barrier twice (the second time at the behest of “ONE MORE TIME!” chants). It’s a pretty stiff-looking bump into the barrier and, back in the ring, Alberto hits a top-rope axe-handle for a two count.

At this point, perhaps unsurprisingly, we spot Jay Lethal at the stage entrance and he eventually takes up a spot on commentary, making constant remarks about El Patron disrespecting him, how he’s owed an apology and how he is the best first-generation star in the world. As touched upon above, it’s made to feel that there’s some genuine emotion involved here and this will only enhance the feud going forward.

Alberto El Patron

Albert El Patron addressing the ROH fans

We see a little more back and forth between Daniels and Alberto, which culminates with El Patron doing his best Minoru Suzuki impression with an armbar over the top rope. Daniels knocks The Boss down from the turnbuckle and delivers a Superplex. This is a pretty impressive match, a solid, fiercely competitive bout with mutual respect at the heart of it. Both wrestlers make it to their feet as strikes are traded between the two. Daniels hits a running forearm into the corner, followed by a spin-out sit-down powerbomb. El Patron, sensing he’s been upstaged, hits a magnificent tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two, and we’re headed for the climax.

Christopher Daniels then hits arguably the move of the match, rolling through a clothesline to set El Patron in a Koji Clutch, right in the centre of the ring. This is not the end though and the former WWE World Hearvyweight Champion makes the ropes.

Si! Si! Si!” chants begin but Daniels counters the armbar with a Northern Lights Suplex and takes to the top rope only to be caught with a reverse Suplex himself. The fans in attendance are loving every minute as the “THIS IS AWESOME!” chants break out once more. Daniels manages some brutal offence and takes to the top to attempt the Best Moonsault Ever but El Patron moves at the last moment, catches Daniels with an ensigury, his signature arm-breaker into cross arm-breaker, which Daniels taps out to, ending this awesome spectacle.

Lethal, who has been watching from ringside, can’t help but concede Alberto El Patron is a quality wrestler, leaving his station at commentary to confront his foe in the ring. The chants again take over, simply stating “THAT WAS WRESTLING!” as Jay mockingly applauds Alberto and provokes him until he slaps him around the face. The House Of Truth (Lethal, Truth Martini and Diesel) then ambush the Mexican superstar until The Addiction (Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) make the save.

Before the broadcast ends, it’s revealed that, on next week’s show, Lethal will be defending the TV Title against Matt Sydal and ACH in a triple threat match, meaning it’s already a must-see event.


The Ring Of Honour TV show is available to watch on for Ringside Members

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