NXT Recap: Episode 259, 14/1/2015


January 27, 2015 by gorillapressonline


The first NXT on its new, Wednesday night slot offers a stacked card featuring, among others, a highly-anticipated rematch of the extraordinary championship battle between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville.

The show kicks off in remarkable style with Finn Balor facing Tyson Kidd. These two have had some great matches during Balor’s short tenure with NXT, and this will surely delight the fans at Full Sail University.


Finn Balor Vs Tyson Kidd
finn balor tyson kidd

Balor sets out to make quick work of Kidd, a huge dropkick and a near miss with the double foot stomp allowing him to establish dominance early on.

Kidd has been impressive on WWE television as of late, becoming a workhorse of sorts by appearing across all platforms, and his dedication and hard work are really being shown off right here.

Kidd coaxes Balor out of the ring to delve in some heelish tactics and, after an astonishing soccer kick to the head, Kidd gets on the sharpshooter but it’s to no avail as Balor courageously escapes and lands the double foot-stomp to get the pin.

It’s worth noting that each week we see Balor becoming more comfortable in his new environment, and little bits of his persona and mannerisms are coming through naturally at NXT, which will please his long-term fan-base no end and is wonderful to see.

Finn Balor keeps racking up the wins on NXT and overcomes Kidd here.


A solid opener, with a decent pace and time allowance, NXT are really letting some of these matches breathe and evolve despite its comparatively short run-time.

Bull Dempsey is set to finally face Baron Corbin tonight and he delivers a promo setting up the match. He needs some work on the mic but gets his point across suitably this feud has had a decent buildup and the first match will make of break the hard work.


Bull Dempsey Vs Baron Corbin



Corbin comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Out of the two of them, he is connecting better than Dempsey, however it’s undeniable the devastating effect these guys have in the ring and both have a lot to gain from this match.

Corbin has a good look, an impressive presence in the ring and could go far given the right push. This is not to say that Dempsey cannot also go far but Corbin looks like the more promising fighter.

Bull comes out exactly like his moniker would suggest, fired up and ready to destroy he paces the ring as Corbin stares him down. As good ol’ JR would say, this is a slobber-knocker from the get go as the two set out to utterly decimate each other, trading punches and kicks all over the ring.

As Dempsey wisely escapes for respite, Corbin is straight back on him piling the pressure on. After missing a diving headbutt, things take a turn for the worse for the New York Nightmare as Corbin quickly capitalises and lands the End of Days, keeping his win streak firmly intact.

Putting Corbin over is a wise decision on the part of the NXT bookers, and undoubtedly Bull will be angry after his first loss and will be seeking retribution, leading to more fun further down the line.

Baron Corbin destroys the 300 pound New York Nightmare Bull Dempsey


Charlotte Flair and Natayla Vs Sasha Banks and Becky LynchNXT_259_Photo_07-1358543363

Playing off both Natalya and Charlotte‘s wrestling linage, the former rivals are now partners to fend off Team BAE ( Best At Everything), the heel duo are making waves among the Divas division. They have already bullied Bayley endlessly, with Becky Lynch enjoying some excellent singles matches with Charlotte, they are surely a team to watch out for.

The NXT Divas division is a breath of fresh air, and testament to what these ladies can actually do (i.e. kick ass and wrestle with the best of them).

Nattie and Flair work well off each other, double baseball slides and some good tagging allowing them to take the early advantage, before Charlotte offers some brutal chops her father would be proud of.

Sasha takes advantage of Charlotte and, with the aid of holding her trunks, gets the win proving she will do anything to snag the belt from her long-time rival.

Team BAE prove they will be ruthless in this pursuit and get the much needed victory


NXT Championship Rematch: Sami Zayn Vs Adrian Neville
NXT_259_Photo_13-1318014811Main Event time now as current NXT champion Sami Zayn returns to action against ex-BFF Adrian Neville. Following their barn-burner of a match at Takeover [R]Evolution this is sure to have the fans talking all over again.

A handshake starts the match the respect, as admiration for both sides spills over. It’d almost be overwhelming if these two didn’t deliver so well, and so consistently.

Zayn and Neville know each other like the back of their respective hands and counter each other’s attacks effortlessly. Neville gains a slight advantage early on, with a dive out of the ring.

The crowd are vocally behind Zayn, chanting Ole at every opportunity. Its great to see him connecting with the fans so much as his journey to get here has been long and he’s fought very hard to be in this position, so it’s wonderful he is getting the recognition with a mainstream audience that he so deserves.

Zayn runs the ropes and, in an outstanding athletic display, Neville spikes him hard with a standing hurricanrana, ploughing his opponent into the mat.

Neville kicks out of the Blue Thunder Bomb after a close two count, Zayn follows up with two German Suplexes and, as he goes for the half and half Suplex, Neville shows his agility and evades the third with a quick flip.

The in-ring chemistry between the two is electrifying. They bounce off each perfectly, gauging the spots well and upping the tempo accordingly.

Sami misses the Helluva Kick, quickly following Neville out of the ring, and as Zayn runs for the diving DDT through the ropes (seen at [R]Evolution), gets a superkick as thanks from Neville.

Neville tries to shift the momentum and goes for the Red Arrow. Although it doesn’t connect, he has enough momentum to land on his feet and evade another Helluva Kick, rolling up Zayn in a bridge for another close count.

Zayn takes a hard-fought victory with an exploder Suplex and he finally hits a Helluva Kick for the win.

Celebrations are once again cut short by his long-term friend Kevin Owens, as he turns up ringside and lays waste to the champion with a huge powerbomb, once again marking the target on his friend’s back, along with the NXT gold. Owens is ruthless in his pursuit and is making waves with his vicious streak. We truly can’t wait to see what he does next.


NXT is broadcast every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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