Lee’s Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions


January 25, 2015 by mrlahhh

RR poster

Having seen the card for tonight’s Royal Rumble, and witnessing the build-up, it quickly became evident to me that predicting this card was NOT going to be easy. The company have done an excellent job of building for the PPV as, aside from the reliably surprise-laden 30 man Rumble match, we also have the very WHC title match, among others.

The Ascension .v. The New Age Outlaws
The Ascension
are struggling at the minute – after being so successful in NXT, Konnor and Viktor really haven’t got over, often finding themselves being pitched against local talent, which could perhaps be a sign the company have their doubts about them? Coupled with their blatant disrespect of former WWE legends (in particular The Road Warriors) they haven’t accumulated much positive critique yet and I personally am not a fan of their main roster work.

That said, I see them going over Billy Gunn and Jesse James at the Rumble. The company have taken the gamble of promoting The Ascension to the main roster and I don’t think they’re ready to give up yet. Seeing them defeat one of the most-loved and GOAT tag-teams in a close, hard fought encounter seems like a decent way to give them a shot in the arm. The Ascension showed they are capable of putting on excellent matches (Itami/Balor rivalry on NXT, for example) and its evident they haven’t got off the ground on main roster yet.
I go with The Ascension to come out with the W. Welcome to the Wastelands


New Day .v. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Rose

Much to my dismay, members of the New Day have scored pin-fall victories over Kidd and Cesaro on the last two instalments of Raw. Both of those matches were fairly drab but I feel this PPV 6-man could have potential if it’s given time to breathe: the strength and technique of Cesaro, the high-spots Kofi Kingston is capable of and Kidd and Cesaro have already shown good chemistry together.

The New Day are all about positivity and this will help their characters when they lose on Sunday. Kidd and Cesaro could potentially be pretty good and I see no need to derail them with a PPV loss here. I really hope The Bunny doesn’t get involved resulting in Rose being pinned for the loss.
Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose to be victorious


The Bella Twins v. Paige & Natalya

The current Divas scene, particularly the title picture, is a bit up in the air at the minute and there’s not a lot going on to hold my interest. With AJ’s absence, Paige being occupied with Total Divas and Nattie and Nikki arguing over Tyson Kidd, the division feels a tad stagnant.

I personally think the best way to inject a bit of life into the Divas scene is to give Natalya and Paige the victory at the Royal Rumble. I’d LOVE to see Charlotte introduced as a way of making an impact, I feel there’s a way to achieve this with she and Nattie currently working together regularly on NXT and having a match on Raw not so long ago, however I think I’m just wishing here.
I predict Natalya to score the victory for her team via submission, giving her a well-deserved run at Nikki Bella’s Divas title

RR 1

The Usos .v. The Miz & Damien Mizdow
Mizdow has been excellent in recent months, playing the stunt double gimmick ecen though at first I was slightly annoyed by it as he is an excellent on-mic performer and can more than hold his own in the ring, I felt this angle insulted his talents. As time has passed by it’s obvious they have only accentuated them, getting him more over as time goes by. Tension has been building between he and his boss, and I see this match being the beginning of the end for Miz and Mizdow.
The Usos will retain the tag titles. The pop when Mizdow eliminates Miz from the Rumble match later in the night, thus ending the relationship, will be worth catching


Brock Lesnar .v. John Cena .v. Seth Rollins

This is the most hotly anticipated, well-built title match since Wrestlemania. Most people (myself included) were a bit underwhelmed when it was determined Lesnar v. Cena would be the title match at Royal Rumble and credit really has to be given to the company because since Rollins was introduced, this has been gold. Add to this: Heyman, Money In The Bank, Sting, Lesnar’s contract, Orton, and The Authority and we’re sure to have an intriguing night on our hands.

I have considered lots and lots of different outcomes, and I am no closer to working out what I think is going to go down. However, the best part of this is that it makes me feel like a kid again – watching Attitude era matches when dirt-sheets and rumours were far less prominent and you didn’t know what would happen until you watched the show. Safe to say I am excited for this. I have changed my mind a lot but I have ultimately decided:
Brock Lesnar retains the title and Seth Rollins holds on to his Money In The Bank


30 Man Royal Rumble Match
It is very, very difficult to see past Roman Reigns for this year’s show-piece. All signs seem to be pointing to Reigns being pushed as one of the top guys in the company and the question marks hanging over him (promos, etc) don’t seem to be dampening this talk at all.

As with every Rumble, we’re going to see some surprises. For example, Orton and Sheamus returning, Mizdow eliminating Miz and hopefully some NXT stars too.

With the prize being the main event at this year’s Wrestlemania event, I did question whether the company would give Daniel Bryan the opportunity to pick up the victory and this is still something I will be clinging to personally as Bryan facing Seth Rollins would produce some absolutely golden matches in the ring. The company seem committed to Reigns though and even though I’m not his biggest fan, I think he’ll dominate the match and come out victorious.
Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble match


The Royal Rumble kickoff show is at 7 ET/4 PT, with the main show starting at 8 ET/5 PT live on the WWE Network TONIGHT, 25th January 2015

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