Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 17


January 16, 2015 by Joey Keogh


Following widespread criticism about WWE 2K15, the latest console offering, Immortals, a free-to-play mobile video-game, was unleashed upon the world this week. The move follows some super weird promotional material involving Triple H, in particular, looking a bit like he did during last year’s much-discussed Wrestlemania entrance.

But, if you thought that shit was weird, then the character designs that have since been revealed will blow your fucking mind.

NetherRealm, the guys behind the legendary Mortal Kombat series, have taken it upon themselves to turn our, er, favourite WWE Superstars into Kombat-ised versions of themselves. And the resulting posters have to be seen to be believed.

First, there’s Cena, looking like his favourite superhero.

cenacena 2

Sheamus, who’s been off TV for a while but whose heritage the makers are of the game are clearly very respectful of.

sheamo Look at him there, with his big, plaited beard. Like Finn Mc Cool. Man of the moment Roman Reigns also appears, looking more exciting in a one sheet than he ever could manage on the mic.

reignsNot the most flattering of headgear, but at least he looks better than the truly terrifying Big Show.


Then there’s Brock Lesnar, who’s so mad he’s on fire.

lesnarOr The Rock, who is so angry he’s…blue.

the rockHowever, the best character design by far has to go to The Bella Twins, who are just as gorgeous and sexy as they are on TV – maybe even more so.

bellasThe best thing about this artwork is how true to life it is. Nikki has bigger boobs, while Brie looks like an alien. It’s perfect.

In all fairness, though, Immortals is pretty bad ass and the whole Mortal Kombat aesthetic works weirdly well for the Superstars.

A Squared Circle user also pointed out that some of the in-game artwork is really quite gorgeous, alerting us to this lovely representation of Paige (complete with lip ring!).


2 thoughts on “Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 17

  1. […] super cute, locker room promo involving Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Seth Rollins as they shill Immortals and he scolds them for playing games instead of being focused on his match. He also has a great […]

  2. Madge says:

    This move is his first signature maneuver and acted as a counterpart for Lesnar’s F-5 move.
    Swords, Tactics, and Magery should start to get respectable.

    It is believed that there existed shrines devoted to this ancient
    art where ritual dances took place where humans wrestled with
    divine Shinto spirits called Kami.

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