WWE News Roundup: Dolph Ziggler, Kaitlyn, Total Divas & Raw Grumbles

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January 11, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Ziggler Penalised For Booking Gig
    According to Bryan Alvarez, Ziggler lost the Intercontinental championship this week because he booked a comedy gig without telling the powers that be first. The firing angle was always the end game, but apparently WWE aren’t too happy that Ziggles has interests outside of the ring. Considering this feeds into what Punk discussed on his now-infamous podcast with Colt Cabana, it doesn’t really paint the company in the best light, either.


  • Ex-Diva Kaitlyn Reveals Reasons For Leaving
    Former Diva Kaitlyn took to her Instagram the other day to mark one year since leaving the WWE, and to wax lyrical (somewhat cryptically, mind) about her reasons for leaving the company. Although Kaitlyn noted she was unhappy for her final six months with the WWE (due to weight and other personal issues, in particular), she also said she’s “incredibly thankful” for her time with them but is “making strides in the shoot game of life” because that’s totally a thing.


  • Massive Viewing Figures For Total Divas
    The numbers are in and Total Divas’ latest episode, a mid-season premiere, got in excess of 1.4 million views, which isn’t a bad number (although it’s nothing compared to their E! rivals The Kardashians, who they recently beat to win show of the year). The spike in viewers is thanks in no small part to the recent addition of Paige, who has thrilled fans with her pranks, jokes and no-nonsense attitude. Considering the majority of story-lines on the show revolve around which Bella twin is more of a bitch, she’s a welcome addition to the line-up.


  • Raw Rewritten, Superstars Super Pissed
    As has been widely reported this week, the first Raw of the year was rewritten at the last minute, pissing many fans off in the process as it resulted in a disjointed show loaded with shit that reportedly came straight from Vince. However, the Superstars themselves are allegedly also quite annoyed at how events unfolded on Monday night, particularly in the portrayal of current favourite Ziggler, who was apparently penalised for booking a comedy gig and not telling the powers that be first.

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