WWE News Roundup: Ryback, CM Punk, Natalya & The Ascension


December 23, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Ryback Responds To Punk’s Claims
    Following a few, rather bizarre Tweets, Ryback joined Chris Jericho on his podcast this week to give his view on Punk’s rather dubious claims about him allegedly botching moves on purpose and being a “hurty” wrestler in general. Ryback basically said Punk is full of shit, never told him anything negative to his face, and that the two were always good to each other whenever they worked together. He apparently isn’t taking anything personally anymore, which is funny considering he’s famous for going on mental Twitter rants, before immediately deleting everything.


  • Nattie Insists Total Divas Is Real
    In an interview with the bastion of truth and serious discourse that is the Daily Mirror, Natalya tried her best to push the idea that everyone’s favourite reality show Total Divas is 100% real. She also suggested it was good for the women’s division, as it showed a more human side to what they do. On another note, she defended Vince’s infamous “brass ring” comments by explaining he didn’t mean everyone on the current roster (that makes it okay) and, further to this, doing a reality show is her idea of grabbing the brass ring. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Nattie.


  • The Bunny Taking Someone’s Spot In The Rumble
    Bryan Alvarez noted earlier this week that someone in the WWE clearly still thinks the whole Bunny angle is absolutely hilarious because he’s rumoured to be taking part in the Royal Rumble next year, thereby taking a spot from someone more deserving like, I dunno, anyone else. Hopefully this angle dies in the New Year, and takes Adam Rose with it.


  • Guest Hosts For Final Raw Revealed
    The guest hosts for the final episode of Monday Night Raw of 2014 have been revealed as Edge and Christian, with Brock Lesnar also scheduled to make an appearance. How they’re going to follow the brilliance and majesty of Christmas Raw is anyone’s guess. The Ascension are also due to make their first main roster appearance on the show, because nobody is counting Main Event. 

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