WWE News Roundup: Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, The Ascension & Alex Riley


December 10, 2014 by Joey Keogh


  • Jim Ross Reckons Punk’s Heart Is In UFC
    The legendary Jim Ross wrote a column for Fox Sports earlier this week, in which he discusses CM Punk‘s signing to UFC, which was announced over the weekend to a mostly rapturous response. Ross reckons Punk’s heart must truly lie with the company as he’s choosing not only to leave Chicago “and his comfort zone”, but he doesn’t need the money, nor does he require any more exposure as he is “essentially a loner, except within his small circle of confidants.” Ross reckons this is a hugely positive step for the ex-Superstar, and a “no-brainer” for UFC head Dana White. However, Ross also noted that, when he does debut, Punk is essentially a marked man because no UFC fighter wants to lose “to the ex-wrestler”. Of course, he couldn’t possibly do any worse than Batista, so there’s that.


  • Chris Jericho Is New Raw GM
    After being explicitly referred to by Fandango on Monday Night Raw, it’s been confirmed that Jericho is to return to the show next week as the new GM. It’s likely the two will shoot some sort of angle together, as Jericho is known for being brought back to give flailing guys a push – although it didn’t work out too well for Bray Wyatt last time, bless him. Maybe he’ll have more luck with the “new and improved Fandango” though, and at the very least, Jericho’s inclusion means we get a break from the dreaded anon GM and Cole trying to convincingly read shit off a goddamn laptop screen for twenty minutes.


  • Rumoured Plans For 40-Man Royal Rumble Axed
    Earlier in the year, it was widely reported that WWE were supposedly planning a 40-man Royal Rumble. This was later downgraded to 30 participants instead. According to Bryan Alvarez, the reason behind the change is that, originally, WWE were planning for certain ECW Originals to take part in the match, but have since decided against it. This doesn’t chime well with the recent push for ECW-centric content on the Network, but who knows what their plans are for the future? Judging by the recent storylines, they don’t really have any.


  • Ambrose Cleared To Appear On TLC
    Following an injury, sustained on Smackdown last week, there was widespread speculation that Dean Ambrose wouldn’t be able to appear on TLC, even though his scheduled match against Bray Wyatt is arguably the most-anticipated of the night. However, it’s since been confirmed that Ambrose worked the house shows over the weekend and is only injured in storyline. He has been cleared for active competition and will appear on TLC as advertised, which is good considering without them we only have the first ever stairs match to look forward to, really.


  • The Ascension Debut Imminent
    Their debut has been rumoured for weeks, with growing hype following a well-received match on Main Event, but The Ascension are reportedly finally set to make their first appearance on the main shows, after a vignette for them aired at the Smackdown taping this past week. The team are well-loved in NXT and are sure to make waves on the main roster – especially considering the tag team division is faltering significantly at the moment.


  • Alex Riley Wants A Shot, Begs On Twitter
    In a string of increasingly desperate Tweets, utilising the #FreeRiley hashtag, PPV pre-show regular Alex Riley – apparently in response to Vince Mc Mahon‘s recent comments on the lack of ambition within the current roster – has been begging for another opportunity at the big time. Never mind the fact that he’s barely tolerable as a panel contributor and, the last time he featured as a wrestler, he was so irritating he actually made The Miz seem likeable.

4 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, The Ascension & Alex Riley

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