Vince Spills To Austin About Punk


December 2, 2014 by Joey Keogh


Following this week’s Raw, the chairman of the board himself sat down with Stone Cold for a live podcast recording, during which he discussed anything and everything WWE-related. Wrestling News has a great play-by-play of their chat, if you want to check it out (it’s worth watching the interview in full, too, just to get the atmosphere of the conversation) but for the majority of fans, there was one particular topic we all wanted to hear Vince give his views on, and it wasn’t the new and improved Fandango.

Austin trod carefully at first, double-checking that Vince was cool to discuss his ex-employee live on air, even though Jim Ross confirmed earlier in the week that he most definitely would be discussing Punk following Raw. Shockingly, Vince kicked off the chat with an apology, for unknowingly firing Punk on his wedding day. He said it was entirely coincidental, and that he’s used to dealing with disgruntled employees but wouldn’t intentionally upset a member of staff in such a way.

Also somewhat shockingly, Mc Mahon expressed hope that he and Punk could sort things out eventually, noting that he’s had trouble with hot-tempered wrestlers like Warrior and Hogan in the past, and they subsequently managed to make peace.

Austin himself admitted he hadn’t listened to the podcast, but warned those watching to keep in mind that there are always two sides to every story. Vince, to his credit, noted similarities between Austin’s stubborn side and Punk’s, remarking that they both worked their asses off during their time, but weren’t always happy with the decisions made by the powers that be.

When pushed on who could possibly bring Punk back to WWE – as Ross acted as a bridge between Austin and the company – Vince suggested a constant lack of communication between them and Punk, revealing The Best In The World a loner and therefore doesn’t possess the necessary skills to make his point known. As a result, there isn’t really someone who could bring the two of them together at this point, but he nonetheless remains hopeful for a future reconciliation.

Although he wasn’t as cagey as expected, Vince was still neutral as fuck, and we can probably glean more from what he didn’t say than what he did.

Watch the interview in full on the WWE YouTube channel now.



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