CM Punk Pens Farewell Letter To Superior Foes Of Spiderman

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November 26, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Although this isn’t the first (or certainly last) time CM Punk has contributed to a Marvel event – he also wrote the introduction to the awesome AvX hardcover collection and is set to write his own story in the Thor Annual #1 early next year – his decision to write a farewell letter to the Superior Foes Of Spiderman is particularly noteworthy.

Superior Foes Of Spiderman has run for 17 issues and, as Punk states in the letter below, has made significant waves in the comic book community. Although it is a shame the series is ending, hopefully its legacy will be felt elsewhere in the Marvel universe.

Punk – along with the Gorilla Press crew – is an avid comic book reader, so it’s not too surprising that he chose to do this. Check out his funny, very heartfelt and inspiring letter below.


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