WWE News Roundup: Jim Ross, ADR, The Network, AJ Lee & CM Punk


November 12, 2014 by Joey Keogh



  • Jim Ross Lands Gig For NJPW
    Legendary commentator, and Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross, who over the course of his celebrated career has called more pro-wrestling PPV events than any other broadcaster, has agreed to provide the play-by-play for Global Force Wrestling‘s presentation of New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV. Scheduled for broadcast in North America on January 4th, 2015, the event is one of the biggest in the world, and marks the 24th year of NJPW’s annual wrestling celebration at the Tokyo Dome, which more than 40,000 wrestling fans from all over the world are scheduled to attend. On landing the gig, which GFW founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett said he had been lining him up for, for weeks, Ross remained characteristically humble, noting that he was “truly honoured” to be taking part and although he never expected to return to ringside the opportunity to do so “was just too special to turn down”.


  • WWE Releases Official Statement On ADR
    Earlier this week, recently departed wrestler and source of much heated controversy Alberto Del Rio tweeted that he’d finally reached a settlement with WWE. According to sources, he got pretty much everything he wanted, including a full release from the company, outstanding fees and the clearance to wrestle anywhere he wants. In their official statement regarding his departure, WWE stated they had reached a mutual understanding with him and that they wished Del Rio the best of luck in his future endeavours. Generally, WWE don’t settle out of court but considering the negative press surrounding ADR, and his buddy Ricardo Rodriguez who suggested certain employees may have been racist towards the two of them, it makes sense that they wanted to settle it quietly instead of drawing more attention to the situation.


  • Network UK Release Delayed At Last Minute
    The release of the WWE Network in the UK was halted at the last minute (fifteen minutes before the launch, to be exact) which led to some serious tension at the Raw taping in London on Monday. Fans’ chants for “where’s our Network” were muted for broadcast and, when Cena made reference to The Authority not giving the fans what they wanted in a promo early in the show, it was removed also. Backstage rumours suggest that everyone was on strict orders not to mention the Network at any time throughout the taping, with no promos for it airing for the crowd during commercial breaks. However, the commentators shilled it as normal because, of course, the live crowd couldn’t hear them. Likewise, Vince Mc Mahon‘s apology did not air as it did on the other European shows, leading to speculation that the Network won’t be available to the UK for some time.




  • CM Punk Writing For Marvel
    Another week, another Punk story, although happily it’s not about him supposedly being a dick because he didn’t say hello to someone yelling “Phil” at him in the supermarket/toilet/his own backyard. In an interview with the official Marvel website, Punk revealed that he’s teaming up with artist Rob Guillory for THOR Annual #1, alongside several other guest authors. Punk revealed in the interview that he’s been “pestering” Marvel for years, but he reckons the wheels were first put in motion at SDCC in 2011. This is Guillory’s first time working with Marvel also, and Punk noted that it’s been helpful joining forces with a friend on something so new to him. A lifelong comics fan, Punk originally pitched to Marvel years ago to write something for The Punisher. His friendship with, and admiration for, THOR writer Jason Aaron should ensure he does something very special with the character. However, this isn’t actually Punk’s first time working with Marvel, as he wrote an introduction for their historic, universe-spanning event, “Avengers vs. X-Men”, released in 2012.


  • AJ Lee Launches Official Website
    Speaking of Punk, his new wife AJ Lee has just launched her very own official website, under her married name, AJ Brooks. This has a certain section of fans up in arms, as they see it as a hint that she may be leaving the company soon, much in the same way they interpret anything her husband does in his private life as a slight against them and their years of dedicated fandom. The site is currently under construction, but already has a dedicated Twitter and tonnes of great content, including galleries of exclusive pics of the Divas champion during appearances, and on photo-shoots outside of her WWE role. No word yet on what her many, many BFFs think of it.

4 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Jim Ross, ADR, The Network, AJ Lee & CM Punk

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