Bray Wyatt GMA Interview


September 16, 2014 by gorillapressonline


Everyone’s favourite swamp dweller Bray Wyatt appeared on Good Morning America this week, when Raw rolled into the Cajun Dome, and gave a brilliant, totally Kayfabe interview – much like his weird phone call to Chris Jericho‘s podcast, only not totally unsettling.

It is a wonderful thing to behold, with Wyatt showing off just how poetic and charismatic he is, while simultaneously respecting and integrating his persona for a general audience.

Wyatt manages to show off to people who may not be familiar with WWE product, while lovingly nodding to those in the know. Hopefully we can see more of this on Raw soon, as Wyatt has been unfairly kept in the background with regards to cutting promos lately.

Check out his awesome interview below.

One thought on “Bray Wyatt GMA Interview

  1. […] Big Show Bray actually cuts a pretty decent promo prior to this match, which is almost as cool as his recent GMA interview but not quite. He hasn’t been doing them as often lately, which sucks. There’s also a […]

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