WWE Sign Japanese star KENTA


July 12, 2014 by gorillapressonline


It was announced, at the WWE Japan  house show in Osaka, by WWE legends Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart no less, that the company has signed Japanese wrestling superstar Kenta to an NXT developmental deal.

Things are sure to get interesting in Full Sail University with the addition of the Japanese legend to the roster, and considering how different Kenta’s style is to the that favoured by the WWE, the following months are sure to be interesting to say the least.

Fans can look forward to matches with the other rumoured signing, and GPO favourite, Prince Devitt, along with prospective matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan in the future.




Read the full statement from WWE: http://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/kenta-signed-japan-nxt-26474181

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7 thoughts on “WWE Sign Japanese star KENTA

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  2. […] the last time we’ll get to see it on Raw. During this match, it’s revealed that Kenta will be debuting this week, but no word on Prince Devitt, or Fergal, as he is soon to be known. […]

  3. […] that Prince Devitt debuted on last night’s taping of NXT, following in the footsteps of the recently-signed Kenta. Speculation has been rife that Devitt would be allowed to retain his NJPW name, or that he’d […]

  4. […] week’s episode kicks off with a VT from the previous week, with Japanese legend KENTA – now under the ring name Hideo Itami- and, quite arguably one of the greatest […]

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  7. […] ring name Finn Balor, Devitt has made major waves in the ranks of NXT, alongside Japanese Legend KENTA (Hideo Itami) and former ROH champ Kevin Steen (Kevin […]

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