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March 31, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Edge Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 24

So here it is, the top half of the countdown and on a side note we are  a little over 24 hours away from Wrestlemania 28, snacks are purchased , PPV was bought over a week ago ,excited to say the least.

Anyway back to the business, 2nd time on the list for the Rated R Superstar but this time in his first Wrestlemania event, both men really stepped up their game, stealing the show on what was a very good card.

The match was technically superb, both men using fantastic counter manoeuver’s , to each of the other superstars signature holds.The deadman also did a great job really putting over Edge in this match ,at no point did the Canadian look out of his depth ,which was suggested would be the case in the build up.

The End came when The Undertaker caught Edge in the devils gate submission hold , which helped taker win the World heavyweight title, 2nd year in a row in which he won gold and more importantly helping maintain the streak.

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