Wrestlemania Top 20 matches Number 8

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March 31, 2012 by gorillapressonline

Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 19

The really special thing for me about this match is that it was the first time in 5 years HBK would appear at Wrestlemania after missing four and half-year in what looked a career ending back injury.

The backstory and build up was amazing and centred around how Chris Jericho idolised Michaels growing up ,but now being disappointed because Shawn was past it and he had surpassed his idol.The build up for this actually ran for months including both men starting that years Royal Rumble match in the first two spots , with Jericho Cheating HBK out of the match.

The match itself is yet another example of Shawn Michaels stealing the show on the grandest stage of them all , it was a technical masterpiece , neither man really putting a foot wrong and must have been a dream come true for Jericho.

Michaels won the match with a picture perfect cradle pin fall , Jericho was quick to raise Shanw’s hand in a real show of sportsmanship only to strike his former idol with a vicious low blow, he may have lost the match but he certainly ended the night with the last laugh.

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